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Welcome to Yes No Casino: Casino Reviews & Ratings: Bonuses, RTP, Strategy, Tips and Tricks and more! Written by online casino players for online casino players! 95% of the online casino review websites you will ever come across are owned by just 6 massive media corporations and 4 big online casino chains. Here at Yes No Casino however we are regular casino slots fans with full time jobs and can therefore bring you unbiased online casino reviews and honest and hopefully useful casino slots tips and information. We are eternally grateful for all the support and encouragement we have received over the past few years. This website is a hobby and a passion and without your support we wouldn’t be able to do this! Yes No Casino is the online casino reviews site formerly known as Slots Guide.

Online Casinos: Yes 98, Maybe 9, No 1,000+

We have played at and reviewed hundreds of online casinos and separated them by their ratings. As you can tell we are very critical and believe that an online casino has to really earn their casino rating. What most online casino review websites do is advertise anyone who comes along but we feel they are forgetting what is important, a question every online casino reviews site should ask themselves. Would I play there with my own money? This is what we have based our entire website on. Would we deposit our own money at this casino, yes or no?

As you can see most of the online casinos we have so far checked out are not worth your time. We will only recommend those with a good reputation and those we have found to be quality, honest and transparrent. Make sure you always pick a YES CASINO!

Online Casino Lists:

We are busy compiling an online casino list page for nearly every country in the world. You can find these casino lists in the main menu under Country. We have found though that certain countries are more popular than others so here are some handy little clickable flags for the top 8 countries that will take you directly to your online casino page:

online casino uk Usa casino bonuses online casino canada online casino australia
online casino Germany online casino sweden online casino norway online casino finland

Aside from listing casinos by country, in order to make your life easier we have also created a NetEnt casino list, Playtech casino list, RTG casino list, Microgaming casino list, Rival casino list, etc. You can find all of these as well as a mountain of other useful information in the main menu under Slots.

Why you need to pick an online casino wisely:

We are all bombarded with casinos; there are literally thousands and thousands to choose from so if a casino is not blacklisted completely then why should you think twice about joining any particular one? Well put simply with so many options to choose from why on earth would you pick second best? There are loads of really good casinos out there, casinos with the experience and financial clout to be able to pay you out any size of winnings and to be able to pay quickly.

What you need is an online casino that verifies your identity quickly, has a full set of responsible gambling limits and tools, quick and helpful customer service, quick payouts, high withdrawal limits, reliable stable and secure website and low/zero deposit and withdrawal fees.

Example online casino bonus terms:

Let’s look at some recent examples of casinos we have tested:
1)“Withdrawals to Skrill and Neteller will be approved at a rate of €500 per day per player.” this is ridiculously low but even so the casino we tested could not seem to honour these small payments every day.
2) One casino had to process a withdrawal of €2,000 and these payments have been coming in dribs and drabs of random numbers between €100 and €300 every few days which tells me they have absolutely zero free cash flow and should never have been allowed to open a casino in the first place.
3) Another casino we tested had all the correct responsible gambling settings and were UKGC certified. However upon testing these limits didn’t actually work, meaning we had to report them to the UKGC.
4) Another casino, certified by the biggest casino review *cough bullshit* site in the world and given a massive 10 out of 10 rating, Princess Casino (a.k.a. Princess Star & Princess Win) having had numerous complaints against them and having received terrible reviews by actual casino players… well they just closed down and re-branded to the oh so attractively named Joo Casino with all the same terrible service and non-payment of players as the predecessor.
5) Finally there are of course the casinos who just never verify your account, never reply to emails or chat and of course never ever ever pay you a penny. Between all of us here at Yes No Casino we must have lost nearly £$€ 25,000 in genuine honest withdrawals that we never received from all our casino testing over the years. That’s a good years salary in our day jobs. Think about that before you just register and deposit money at any old casino!

Jackpot Slots:

Apart from the well known progressive jackpot slots from the likes of NetEnt and Microgaming, it is Playtech who are the stand out kinds of progressive slots. The classic Marvel jackpot slots have been replaced with the new and improved Age of the Gods jackpot slots and Playtech have also been bringing out the amazing DC Jackpot Sots featuring the classic Batman as well as the up coming Dark Knight slots, then there are the classic Superman slots as well as the new Man of Steel slots. Both the Age of the Gods series of progressives and the DC Jackpots are expanding all the time with new titles like Suicide Squad being announced and Age of Storms being released.

Beware which Playtech casinos you choose as there are only a handful of decent ones out there! We have been very strict indeed and can only recommend a few as you will have seen. There are a lot of full on rogue casinos out there and the ones not entirely blacklisted are a little bit shady to say the least. Such a shame but at least thee are still a couple of good operators we can recommend.

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What else have we got on Yes No Casino:

So what else can you expect to find on Yes No Casino? Well we have spent a lot of time ranting and raving about the things we love and hate about online casinos and gambling in general. You can find our obsessive madness in our various blogs! We have also made loads of casino guides and slot guides for you but more importantly (we think) we have collected a huge number of gambling addiction help resources from around the world. Furthermore we’ll be bringing you the best and most interesting news stories and of course there are our most popular sections:

The largest Return To Player (RTP) database in the world:

A seriously large amount of work has gone in to compiling the worlds largest RTP database to hopefully help you guys out a bit when choosing slots to play. We are also grateful to some of the slot providers and some online casinos who actually went out of their way to provide Yes No Casino with exclusive access to their servers in order to gather data and some providers even prepared and sent us excel sheets in with all the necessary data. You can find all our slots RTP info via the various pages in the SLOTS menu including a massive list of the best paying slots.

New Online Casinos:

Believe it or not on average a new online casino opens every single day! The cheap barrier to entry created by many white label casino providers means that these days anyone with 20k in their pocket can open up an online casino. The problem here is that 95% of new online casinos are either rogue from day 1 (never intending to pay out players) or they may have the best of intentions however they don’t have the funding in place to make a success of the business and the players end up suffering. Yes No Casino is not going to add every single new online casino we come across, in fact rather than adding 30 per month we are going to hand pick, test and add to the site only the 1 or 2 per month who pass our review criteria.

Our zero tolerance, no nonsense principles also apply to new online casinos of course. It would be really easy for us to add a dozen new casinos every week (because that is how many open up) but as 99% of new casinos are dodgy con sites we will only add ones we consider to be of top quality. Visit our list of new online casinos

New Online Slots:

We love slots and we love discovering exciting new online slots. So apart from writing some online slot reviews and online slots articles, we have also created a brand new section where we will be bringing you videos and information on brand new or up coming slot releases. You can find this section in the NEWS menu. You can find a couple of the latest online slots here below as well:

Out Now: Planet of the Apes from NetEnt

Online Casino Bonuses:

We are in the middle of removing the focus on online casino bonuses from Yes No Casino. Why would we do that you may ask? Well there are a number of very good reasons. For a start pretty much every single online casino offers bonuses of some sort so for us it is more important how well the casino treats players and how reliable they are overall rather than focussing too much attention on if they offer a 100% welcome bonus or a 150% bonus or on how many free spins they give away. We also find it very annoying that some casinos can offer a dozen different bonuses to a dozen different countries as well as having a dozen different sets of wagering requirements. Keep it simple guys.

Then there is of course the fact that casinos keep changing their minds every 10 days and changing the bonuses or the bonus terms. Sheesh. Our basic rule of thumb is if you want to take a bonus you will find one everywhere. But if you do take an online casino bonus then please, please take a few moments to read all the terms and conditions thoroughly taking particular note of the max bet size, the restricted games and the wagering requirements. We strongly advise you to make sure you also check whether bonuses are restricted for particular countries or deposit methods. Read the rules and you will be just fine, just make sure you find a good casino to play at because a 10% bonus at a good casino is better than a 1,000% bonus at a casino which will never ever pay you!

Terms & Conditions Apply, 18+:

Please remember if you choose to accept an online casino bonus, terms and conditions will apply and you need to check the casino T&C carefully. Please Gamble Responsibly and also take a moment to visit and feel free to check out our responsible gambling pages (in the Help menu) where you can find hundreds of help centers across the world.