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Slot tournaments, casino races & casino tournaments

There is much more to online casinos than meets the eye. As well as being a provider of online casino games such as slots, table games and instant win titles; online casinos also regularly provide exciting competitions for their players to partake in. Such competitions can include slot tournaments, casino races, and casino tournaments. What are these competitions, though? Do…

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Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots have been around forever. A slot machine is probably the very first image which appears in anyone’s mind when thinking about gambling. This is natural, as every casino in the world features at least three times more slot machines than any other gambling opportunities. The rules are rather basic and the pay out can amount to incredible sums,…

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Gamification Casinos

Gamification Casinos: Gamification in the online casino industry is the new trend where rather than offering players straight loyalty or vip points for their play (or no loyalty at all in many cases), they are offered coins, seeds, badges, medals, etc. These can then be traded in at the players will and at the players choice. Sometimes with huge random…

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Gay Casinos

Gay Online Casinos: At the time of writing there is only one official gay online casino in the world and that is Tom’s Casino, the official casino of (and supporting) the Tom of Finland Foundation UPDATE: Sadly we have just been informed that Tom’s Casino has now close. A couple of my mates reliably inform me that Tom of Finland…

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