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Welcome to our poker blog. As some of you may know, we started out our first website as just an online poker forum. We then built a little website around that but then switched our focus to the online casino world where our real passion lay and thus Slots Guide & Yes No Casino was born! The poker forum is still alive and kicking and soon we are going to be merging the two websites into one which will allow us to concentrate our focus rather than spreading our resources too thinly.

On our poker forum though we have a large core of loyal, regular and dedicated players, some of whom have actually started their own blogs. We are going to be showcasing those blogs here in this poker blog section, though our most active poker blogger, Tom, is going to be getting his very own separate blog as it is fast becoming an epic monster blog which deserves it’s own dedicated separate section!


Free Poker Sites 2020

Biggest Prizes Won in Poker Tournaments Over the Last Decade

Many poker fans dream of winning millions playing in a tournament and more than a few have proven such dreams can and do come true. Some of the biggest winners became multimillionaires thanks to the World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event and others owing to WSOP tournaments that donate […]

Mike Postle Cheating Scandal

Cheating Charges Raised Against the Former Poker Pro

Mike Postle’s performance during Stones Live Poker stream sessions first caused an outpour of online allegations over possible cheating and finally resulted in a $30 million lawsuit filed by players who were supposedly harmed by the scam. Suspicions were raised owing to Postle’s unusually high win rate and “quality of […]

Poker Streaming on Twitch & Difficult Life Decisions

So I’ll be streaming on twitch for most of the remaining days of feb. No set sched but should be on most afternoons/evenings gmt. A slight spanner in the works and a complete surprise. My parents came up to see me and made the decision that they didn’t think […]

Poker Freerolls

So the month is over. I spent most of the month studying which imo was the max ev thing to do considering my goals for this month ahead. I feel my game is in a good spot, my position stats are v good and whilst cev is a bit mediocre, […]

Poker coaching – a walk in the park

So after a coaching session in the morning and some good results my coach said I could two table 15s now. Managed to have some v good days cev wise and money wise and am not in MU which is always nice. I planned to start my grind just after […]

A Continued Assessment

Due to 101 splitting from SG I thought it would be best to continue my blog here. Below is a piece from just before the new year in which I write about goal setting mistakes I feel many players make in regards to poker goal setting as well as my […]

Goal Setting For 2017

So as the year draws to an end and I take the next two days off from grinding (mainly to get some uni work done before Jan 1st but also to take a break and come back refreshed) I thought I’d lay out some goals for 2017. Before jumping right […]

Mindset and Reflection

I’m always reluctant to post small updates every day or two as I feel the most constructive posts I have are when I really feel like posting and making an active effort to talk about a lot of things on my mind. However, this might not be optimal. I feel […]

Spins and Self-Assessment

So here I am, on another river met with the tough decision of either spew calling or over folding. What to do, what to do… All jokes aside (for now), the above picture shows a look not disimilar to the one I embody whilst grinding. I feel it’s largely a […]

November – Evaluation and Progress.

So I will eventually get around to posting the update for the Aspers tournament which occured about two weeks ago. Spoiler alert. I didn’t win Now as some of the more regular readers know this thread is mainly about my life but it doesn’t hurt to put some poker in […]


Yes No Casino Exclusive Interview with Jason ‘WackyJaxon’ Glatzer

Jason Glatzer is an editor for PokerNews and PokerSoftware and is an admin on PocketFives under the screenname “WackyJaxon”. More recently, he became the project manager of the Cash Game Festival Online. “WackyJaxon” has been a poker player himself for many years pre-dating online poker’s origins. He was part of […]


Zoom, Life, Balance

Alright guys, it’s been a while since the previous post but I’ve been grinding for the most part. So far for “the month” (inverted commas since it includes last few days of September) I have 28k hands. Again results are only at the end of the month so you’ll have […]


Live MTTs, Chess and Drinks

Time for a long overdue update. I’ve been busy with university and grinding which isn’t really an excuse but we’re here now. So yes, I got incredibly lucky. I took a big shot (for me) in a £60 tournament on a Friday night during my first week at university in […]


Rake? Rakeback? Let’s talk about it!

With all the uncertainty constantly surrounding poker it can safely be said that one thing which will always be prevalent within poker is rake. Let’s start off but looking at what rake actually is. Rake is the scaled commission taken by a casino/poker room in order to run the game. […]


Tournaments, Cash and Everything Else!

So the “break” from poker ended a couple of days ago. I feel motivated, and want to play better than I’ve ever played before, as well as grind a decent sample. So I was playing some MTTs last night and we got a decent result. So after this recent result […]


Poker, Balance, Crossroads + More!

So I’ve never been one for massive drawn out plans for my posts but normally I have a vague idea of what I plan to talk about. However for this post so much has gone on recently that I’m just going to start off somewhere and see where we end […]

Team Liquid at PokerStars

Leading professional eSports team, Team Liquid, have joined forces with PokerStars to hone their skills at the world’s largest poker site! Are you ready to challenge them? The global eSports organisation is one of the most feared in the industry, and over the coming weeks and months, Team Liquid will […]


iPoker Network Re-vamp

Tournament poker is one of the most exciting formats of the game, which is why every online poker site worth their salt has an extensive tournament schedule. Players who frequent the sites on the busy iPoker Network have seen extensive changes to the tournament schedule there, including revamped structures, and […]


Trip Report Finale + More!

So first off I’d like to apologize for not posting for over a week. I’ve just had a pretty awful cold for the last few days and have been quite busy. Actually hold on a second… I don’t actually know why I’m apologizing, it’s probably down to me just being […]


WCOOP 2016

The WCOOP (World Championships of Online Poker), which made its debut in 2002, will feature a record 82 events this year, a marked increase over the 70 on the 2015 schedule. It begins Sunday, Sept. 4 and ends Monday, Sept. 26. New and returning events include a four-day “marathon”, three-max […]


Trip Report (Wednesday)

So before I get into the trip report Wednesday I just want to note that one thing I really want to do more of is add more pictures. I know for me pictures really help cement memories as well as jog them too. “Nice range merge Tom” Tyty Anyway my […]


Wednesday – My Life

So this post was meant to include my Trip Report (Wednesday Post) but instead something happened today which I feel is more important to address. I mean this blog is called “My Life” so it’s only fair talk about the ups and downs of everything. So for those of you […]


Trip Report (Tuesday)

The Trip Report (Tuesday) I wake up the next day and to my surprise I’m not hungover. I don’t know if this is just me but I’ve only ever been hungover once or twice in my life. Maybe it’s because I tend not to drink in excess or maybe I’m […]


The London Trip Report (Monday)

So I’m actually in London for one more night but since I won’t be up to much tomorrow and I have some free time this evening, I thought I’d write the trip report for my first day (Monday) in London. I might combine some of the future days but for […]


Summer challenge

So for those of you that don’t know from the 30th June I’ve decided to do an MTTSNG challenge in which I plan to play 3k MTTSNGS from that point up to September 30th. So far I’m getting in a fair amount of games, starting to know the regs, I’ve […]


Online poker revisited

So I realised I kind of brushed over the poker summer goals. So I’ll have some time, I’ll be working to, but I’m not gonna kid myself, I have enough time. What is my goal for the summer? To actually get some volume, I plan on playing a bunch of […]


Sports Stars in the world of Online Poker

With Slots Guide having been born as a result of a poker forum that we run, we decided it was a good time to go back to our roots in some respects, and feature some items of interest from the world of poker, both online and live. This page will […]


Keep learning about ones’ self

So the past few days have been pretty interesting for me. A lot of stuff has happened, I’ve learnt a lot about myself, been through a fair bit emotional stuff and thought I’d give some assessment on how I’m feeling right now. First off I want to apologize for generally […]


Poker session planning

So today I thought I’d talk about something I haven’t heard many people on this forum (let alone in the MTT community) bring up. I’m sure a lot of you play relatively consistently, I’m sure lots of you play long sessions (Sunday being a prime example), I’m sure lot’s of […]


101 Deep Run

So I had a deep run in a hyper as of late and thought it would be cool to review some hands from it which I found interesting. Feel free to comment and let me know what you’re thinking.   So here I open a7o 4 handed. Whilst everyone has […]


Scoop in session

So the first day of SCOOP for me was yesterday (next time I’m playing is actually on Saturday so quite a while away) and I thought it would be cool to review some hands on here with semi-interesting spots. ^ I open QQ in EP to 2.5x. The 3 […]


Scoop update

So I feel like giving you guys a pre SCOOP update on how the past few weeks have been for me and what my plans are for the forseeable future alongside a general chat about where I’m at currently. So since the month and a bit since I last posted […]


Spring Championship Of Online Poker 16

2016 Spring Championship of Online Poker – Tentative Schedule of Events (all times ET) Sunday, May 8th 08:00 – Event 01-L: $11 NL Hold’em (Re-Entries Enabled, Max: 3) 08:00 – Event 01-M: $109 NL Hold’em [Sunday Kickoff SE] (Re-Entries Enabled, Max: 3) 08:00 – Event 01-H: $1,050 NL Hold’em (Re-Entries […]


poker blog part 2

Well it’s been nearly a month and I thought I’d talk about some of the things I’ve been thinking about in regards to poker. So as most of you are aware I’ve been a pretty big downswing for a while now. I’ve had time to study, reflect, play do a […]


An assessment: poker blog part 1

The more I play poker the more I realise that mental game is without a doubt the most important factor in determining someones success. You can be a “numbers kid” at school, have a rational thought process and have an urge to improve and whilst it’s definitely true that some […]


TCOOP 2016

Turbo Championship Of Online Poker 2016 Here is the tentative schedule for TCOOP 2016… Final schedule yet to be confirmed Thursday, 21 January 2016 10:00 ET — Event 01: $27 NL Hold’em [6-Max, Turbo, Final Phase 2] 14:00 ET — Event 02: $82 NL Omaha H/L [6-Max, Turbo] 16:00 ET […]


Happy Birthday Staking 101

Happy Birthday Staking101 – $200 added main lobby stars tourney Very excited as Staking101’s first birthday approaches, to launch our first tournament in the main PokerStars Lobby!!! This tournament is password protected, and is for registered and activated Staking101 members only!!! The password can only be retrieved from myself (Staceyb) or […]

888 Poker responds to PokerStars boycott

Yes No Casino will from time to time bring you the latest poker news from around the world that we find relevant and interesting for all you poker fans! 888 Poker responds to PokerStars boycott Poker players are not the only ones to take notice of the 2,500 high-volume and […]

Bounty Builders

Bounty Builders is a series of exciting Progressive Knockout tournaments running daily, each with a guaranteed prize pool. In addition to cash prizes, many tourneys on the schedule also award tickets to the Battle Royale on Wednesdays, where the regular $109 tourney guarantee of $40,000 gets bumped up to a […]


RunItUp Reno

Run It UP! Reno hosted by Jason Somerville is just around the corner. The six-day festival will take place Oct. 20-25 at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino in Reno, Nevada, but it plans to be much more than just your run-of-the-mill poker tournament series. Events on and off the felt […]

WCOOP 2015

World Championship Of Online Poker 2015 The World Championship of Online Poker is the most prestigious poker tournament series anywhere online. Each year, thousands of players compete for the biggest tournament prize pools in online poker – including the $10,000,000 guaranteed Main Event – and the chance to call themselves […]



Russian authorities may be aiming to reclassify poker as a game of skill and regulate online poker in order to generate tax revenues to fund the state’s sporting ventures. In July 2014, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov commissioned a study to assess whether or not poker is a game of […]


PokerStars Common Cents

PokerStars Common Cents Tournaments PokerStars is launching a brand new series of tournaments called Common Cents… The first one of which will be on October 5th and the buy-in will be $0.01 only!!!! Capped at 200,000 players and with a prize pool of $100,000 this is one not to be […]


Felipe “Mojave” Ramos

This summer, Brazil’s Felipe “Mojave” Ramos made a deep run in the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event. His run was made all the more special when football superstar Neymar Jr. stopped by to cheer on his friend. Ramos finished in 136th place for $46,890. Things got even better […]


PokerStars and Prostate Cancer UK join forces

PokerStars has joined forces with leading men’s health charity Prostate Cancer UK for a special charity event called Lads Night In, which will take place on September 25, 2015. The event isn’t a single tournament, but rather an effort to encourage men across the UK to “gather together in their […]

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Poker Software

Poker software is becoming more and more crucial for the serious online poker player. The average online poker player is getting better and better and poker training software as well as poker tracking software is now a crucial element in any players armoury. Having the right poker software available and […]

online poker sites

Poker Podcast

We have been very lucky to have permission from Jared Tendler to post his poker podcasts on our site. They vary in content and a lot are with PokerStars Pros! Hope you enjoy them. Very soon, our very own king of the poker blogs, Tom will be starting his own […]


Poker Live Stream

We have a lot of poker forum members who make their live poker streams available. In order for us to list you here you will need to provide us with a good description of yourself, your experience and what you are making available along with any relevant contact details and […]