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There are more and more Bitcoin casinos popping up every day thanks to cheap white label bitcoin casino platform providers such as SoftSwiss and Myeg, etc. Unfortunately (due in part to the very low cost barrier to entry) nearly all the bitcoin casinos run on these platforms are rogues with no regards for customer experience. They clearly do have a great deal going on with Catena Media (the company who bought AskG last year for €15m and own a few dozen of the biggest casino portals) as they are giving 9.9 out of 10 ratings to casinos who are truly worthless. From personal experience most of these casinos just do not answer their emails (ever) and live support are slow, rude and unhelpful. Let’s not even talk about trying to get your account verified and your money out. I would love to bring you dozens and dozens of great bitcoin casino bonuses from some fantastic bitcoin casinos list, but alas I’ve had to blacklist most of them. Thankfully there are still some good ones so here is the small selection of the best bitcoin casino bonuses available. I will be trawling and testing to hopefully find any more honest bitcoin sites worthy of being recommended.

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100% up to $1,000 Bonus
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250% up to $2,000
300% up to $3,000 Bonus
250% Welcome Bonus

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses Explained – Bitcoin is the world’s most popular as well as most valuable digital currency. As the currency is getting more and more appreciated among users that want privacy, cheap transactions and fast money transfers, there are introduced more and more ways to spend it.

One of the industries that have embraced the crypto currency is the online gambling industry. Namely, for quite some time now players have been given the opportunity to gamble at top notch Bitcoin casinos, which are perfectly safe and reliable.

Keep reading and find out everything you need to know about Bitcoin casinos, bitcoin casino bonuses, the games you can play there as well as the pros and cons you need to have in mind.

Pros and Cons: Bitcoin casinos have become so popular thanks to the long list of pros they offer to customers. Below you can find some of the most attractive ones:

  • It’s easy to get started;
  • You can remain anonymous;
  • Transactions are usually instant and free of charge;
  • Rich game selection;
  • Operators are safe and reliable.

Naturally, the concept isn’t perfect and there are cons as well. Here are some:

  • Only a small number of operators is licensed;
  • Not all established providers offer their products to Bitcoin casinos;
  • Your coins can lose some of their worth since the currency is highly volatile.

bitcoin casino bonus

Getting started with a Bitcoin casino bonus

Getting Started: Unlike regular online casinos that often have a certain procedure that needs to be completed prior to being able to play and/or cashout, Bitcoin casinos let you get started quite easily.

Visitors at such gambling sites are usually required to fill out a simple registration form that asks nothing more than an e-mail address. Bitcoin casinos boast that they provide their members privacy and hence they let you play at their platforms as soon as you make a deposit in the cryptocurrency.

Casino Software and Games: When the first Bitcoin casinos were launched they barely had ten games to offer. The original such casinos often included several different types of games such as a single roulette variant, a video poker title and a slot machine.

However, thanks to their fast-growing popularity, many well established casino software providers decided to enter this market. Here are some of the many options players will find there.

Slots: Slots have always been one of the top played games at online casinos and hence they’re widely included at Bitcoin casinos too. There are really all kinds of slot machines that boast with so many different special features. Players can certainly find a theme they prefer since there are hundreds of titles waiting for them at Bitcoin gaming operators.

Some of the most popular games are those by leading developers including NetEnt (Gonzo’s Quest), Microgaming (Jungle Jim El Dorado), Betsoft (Sugar Pop), GameArt (Caligula) and iSoftBet (Jackpot Rango). In terms of types of slots, there are classic ones, video slots and even 3D slot machines available.

Table Games: In addition to high quality slots, users at Bitcoin casinos can enjoy many variations of popular table games. It should be noted that these titles are also developed by leading providers and hence they provide smooth and exquisite gameplay.

Here are several variations of the most commonly offered table games at Bitcoin gambling sites:

  • Roulette – European Roulette, American Roulette, French Roulette;
  • Blackjack – American Blackjack, Classic Blackjack, High Roller Blackjack;
  • Baccarat – Classic Baccarat, Mini Baccarat, Punto Banco;
  • Poker – Let Em Ride Poker, Casino Stud Poker, Oasis Poker.

Video Poker: Video Poker is yet another adored game category among online gamblers; hence, it’s no surprise that Bitcoin casinos offer many variants of the game. The picks often provide endless fan to video poker enthusiasts regardless whether they’re into Joker Poker, Deuces Wild, All American or so on. Each title is carefully designed and comes with great payouts.

Live Dealer Games: One of the main cons of Bitcoin casinos used to be the fact they lacked live dealer games. However, that’s history now and these gambling sites let all their users play at live dealer tables powered by providers such as NetEnt and Ezugi.

Unsurprisingly, the titles that can be seen the most often are Live Roulette, Live Baccarat and Live Blackjack. Nonetheless, certain sites also include Live Poker, Live Sic Bo etc.

Promotions: Just like standard online casinos, Bitcoin operators treat both new and loyal customers with lots of bonus offers, promotions and rewards. While newbies are often pampered with a generous welcome bonus, loyal members are given the VIP treatment or showered with free coins, free spins and so on.

Mobile Friendly: Since mobile gambling has proven to be a trend that will stick around, Bitcoin casinos have taken it quite seriously. Therefore, almost all the popular and well established Bitcoin gambling sites welcome mobile gamblers. It’s interesting to note that most the operators have decided to make their websites mobile friendly rather than launch native apps.

Thus, Bitcoin casinos are often available not only to Windows and Mac users, but also to those that own a mobile device running on iOS, Android, Windows OS and even Blackberry OS. The game selection at such platforms is also impressive, with hundreds of titles by leading providers categorised in various sections.

Provably Fair: One thing that makes Bitcoin casinos stand out is the provably fair concept. Provably fair is an algorithm that enables players to check whether the results are truly random and unpredictable. Thanks to provably fair each and every game session can be verified; thus, customers at Bitcoin casinos can know for sure that the operator is safe and fair.

Conclusion: Even though Bitcoin casinos are still considered a new concept, they have lots of fans worldwide. These gambling destinations are open to players from all countries, provide a safe casino environment and let customers stay anonymous.

Additionally, they provide a wide range of casino games as well as lots of promos. Therefore, it’s easy to conclude that this is a great concept that will certainly keep expanding.

NOTES: At a Bitcoin casino you can usually deposit in traditional currency as well as in bitcoin. You can also often deposit bitcoins into your traditional currency balance and not just into your bitcoin balance, this is something a lot of players often overlook. You can also claim a bitcoin casino bonus in either bitcoin or in traditional currency at most Bitcoin casinos. Please read on to find the very best bitcoin casino bonuses.

My Bitcoin experience

So I finally plumped up the courage to get into Bitcoin a few weeks ago and after the initial confusion it is relatively simple. Though the way the Bitcoin value fluctuates in price on a daily basis is something to get used to, the actual working with the cryptocurrency is painless. At the end of this little blog I am going to quote Neteller and a Bit casino to show you concrete examples.

I started out by getting myself a Blockchain wallet setup on my pc and then on my phone. Added all the extra security options to lock it down (as I advise everyone to do with all their online wallets like Neteller, Skrill, etc). Learning the way this works was straight forward with send and receive addresses.

Once that was set up I needed to find a good and reliable Bitcoin exchange site. CoinsBank seemed good enough for a trial run. Bought a couple of Bitcoins and then set about figuring out what to do with them!

I registered to a Bitcoin casino (Bitstarz in this instance), made a deposit and played in BTC (or XBT) as I didn’t initially realise that you could deposit with Bitcoin and play with traditional currency. I had a nice run of wins, cashed out back to Bitcoin (after the verification procedure of course) and then tried to figure out how to get my Bitcoins back into real money.

What I did was mentally split my balance up into chunks to be on the safe side and try different means of getting my money out.

  1. I transferred some back to the casino but this time took advantage of the instant exchange by depositing into Euro’s with Bitcoin. This was seemless and I cashed out in the end in Euros.
  2. I checked Neteller and Skrill. Skrill does not accept Bitcoin (update, as of 2017 it does too) but Neteller does. So I paid into Neteller with some of my Bitcoins, it took about half an hour to be credited but other than that problem free. You cannot use your Net+ card with funds paid in by Bitcoin but you can withdraw to your bank problem free and you can use the funds to pay into any other online gambling site.
  3. I transferred some of my BTC to my brother. This was instant and problem free.
  4. And finally I used the Bitcoin exchange site to sell my remaining Bitcoins for US Dollars. To be honest this is by far the most complicated and difficult method of using Bitcoins. Not rocket science but the other methods are far easier.

So what about costs? Well transferring from one Bitcoin account to another or transferring between Bitcoin and casinos costs virtually nothing. A tiny percentage as transaction costs. Paying in to your Neteller account costs 1% whilst Bitcoin exchanges can cost anything up to 5%. Apparently there are ATM machines in Malta where you can withdraw hard cash from a Bitcoin bank account. I think that is a long way off from happening in most countries but with more and more people dabbling in Bitcoin, more websites accepting it and more interest in the security behind it and in the block chain cryptography in particular, who knows?

On the Brexit voting day the value of BTC dropped about 10%. The day after the Brexit the value of Bitcoin made that percentage back with good interest! If rumours are to be believed that there will soon be a Nexit, Frexit, Dexit, Gexit, Scottish (and Northern Irish) independence, Belgium splitting into 3, Catalonia leaving Spain and Gibraltar leaving the UK not to mention the fall out from either of the two very dangerous USA presidential candidates getting into power then perhaps buying into and investing in something like Bitcoin might actually turn out to be a very safe bet? Update 2/11/2017 we hope that you took our advice and invested in BTC as it now stands at nearly $7000 in value. This 15 fold increase is huge so we would like to think you didnt gamble too much on our bitcoin casinos list, or maybe you did and have multiplied your winnings 15 fold too!

To summarise:

Bitcoin is actually very easy to work with in general.

By all accounts as long as you set up all the security features you can (email authorisation of logins on top of mobile 2 tier authentication) then you should be safe enough with Bitcoin.

If I was to have large volumes of the cryptocurrency I would be tempted to have more than one Bitcoin wallet to spread the money out. It takes just a couple of minutes to set up a wallet and no problem having as many as you like.

The costs of moving your money around with BTC is certainly not overly expensive, especially if you shop around and look at all opportunities. I am sure I have barely scratched the surface.

And finally it just really is not as scary as many would have you believe. If you have a Skrill, Neteller or EcoPayz account then you know the deal.

bitcoin cryptocurrency BTC

What does Bitcoin Provably Fair mean?

Provably Fair Help

What does provably fair mean?

The worse fear a player has playing at an online casino is being cheated by the site they are playing at.

In the Bitcoin gambling community a standard “provably fair” solution has been developed to allow players to verify the results of their bets, to prove that the house did not alter them in their favor.

How does it work?


You can use this 3rd party tool to verify your bets from the dice game without the need to understand the math behind the method.

  1. When you first visit the site we generate a random string of characters on the server used as your Server Seed. A new server seed can be generated by you before you roll.
  2. A SHA-512 hash of the server seed is shown to you before you bet to prove we can’t change it.
  3. When you bet we get a Client Seed you supply (one is auto generated by your browser that you can change).
  4. We take the server seed, client seed and the number of rolls that you have used the current server seed for in the format: n:s:n, n:c:n. Where n is the number of rolls, s the server seed and the client seed. We take the HMACSHA512 hash of that. We convert the first 5 characters of the hash to decimal and that is your roll.
  5. Sometimes the first 5 characters will not result in a number we can use and so we loop through the next 5 characters 6-10, 11-15 etc until we find one. The code for this is below.


  1. When you first visit the site we generate a random string of characters on the server used as your Server Seed. A new server seed is created for your after each bet.
  2. A SHA-512 hash of the server seed is shown to you before you bet to prove we can’t change it.
  3. When you bet we get a Client Seed you supply (one is auto generated by your browser that you can change).
  4. We take the server seed and combine it with the client seed. We then take the sha256 of this seed and generate a seed to pass to a Mersenne Twister random number generator.
  5. We then take a deck, of numbers 0-36, and shuffle it with the Fisher–Yates shuffle algorithm and the Mersenne Twister RNG.
  6. The top number of the deck is your roulette spin result.

Here’s a sample of the code used to generate and verify the roulette spins. Mersenne Twister and SHA256 libraries must be used.

        function shuffle(deck, mt) {
            var i = deck.length, j, temp;
            while (--i >= 0) {
                j = Math.floor(mt.genrand_int32() % (i + 1));
                temp = deck[j];
                deck[j] = deck[i];
                deck[i] = temp;
            return deck;
        function generateWinningNumber(ss, cs)
            var lowEnd = 0;
            var highEnd = 36;
            var deck = [];
            while (lowEnd <= highEnd) {
            var hash = CryptoJS.SHA256(ss + cs).toString();
            var seed = parseInt(hash.substring(hash.length - 8), 16);
            var mt = new MersenneTwister19937();
            var newDeck = shuffle(deck, mt)
            var winner = newDeck[36];


  1. When you first visit the site we generate a random string of characters on the server used as your Server Seed. A new server seed is created for you after each bet.
  2. A SHA-512 hash of the server seed is shown to you before you bet to prove we can’t change it.
  3. When you bet we get a Client Seed you supply (one is auto generated by your browser that you can change).
  4. We take the sha256 of the server seed and pass to a Mersenne Twister random number generator to do the initial shuffle of the decks. 8 decks are used for Blackjack.
  5. We then take the server seed and combine it with the client seed and use the sha256 of this to pass to a Mersenne Twister random number generator to do a second shuffle.
  6. Each shuffle uses the Fisher–Yates shuffle algorithm.

Here’s a sample of the code used to generate and verify the blackjack bets. Mersenne Twister and SHA256 libraries must be used.

        function shuffle(deck, mt) {
            var i = deck.length, j, temp;
            while (--i >= 0) {
                j = Math.floor(mt.genrand_int32() % (i + 1));
                temp = deck[j];
                deck[j] = deck[i];
                deck[i] = temp;
            return deck;
        function generateMT(s){
            var hash = CryptoJS.SHA256(s).toString();
            var seed = parseInt(hash.substring(hash.length - 8), 16);
            var mt = new MersenneTwister19937();
            return mt;
        function getShuffledDeck(ss, cs)
           var i=1;
           var deck=[];
           while (deck.push(i++) < 52*8) {}
            //bets with Id < 6954 only do one shuffle with ss+cs
            deck = shuffle(deck, generateMT(ss));
            deck = shuffle(deck.reverse(), generateMT(ss+cs));
            return deck.reverse();
        function parseCard(n)
            while (n > 52)
                n -= 52;
            if (n <= 13)
                return n+'h';
            else if (n <= 26)
                return (n - 13)+'c';
            else if (n <= 39)
                return (n - 26)+'s';
            else if (n <= 52)
                return (n - 39)+'d';

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and payment method that has a lot of positive characteristics. First, it allows instant, irreversible, and international transactions. Second, it cannot be devalued or fooled by any other technology due to being a completely decentralized digital currency. Third, it is unprecedentedly trustworthy, since it uses the same cryptography as Internet banking. Moreover, Bitcoin is an opened project, which means it can be improved, if any advantageous ideas are offered and implemented. Without doubt, this all turns it into the future of online business. But the thing is, it can already be used today.

So, change your paper money to Bitcoin and don’t even hesitate, but grab this opportunity immediately! In the meanwhile, we’ll dwell a little bit more on it’s pluses to finally reason you into believing that Bitcoin is an ultramodern blessing for all of us!

Bitcoin allows freedom of iGaming, because, being a decentralized cryptocurrency, it legally allows gambling wherever there is Internet access. A lot of online Bitcoin casinos can give you a chance to stay completely anonymous. This means that registration process is going to be really fast too, as the only thing you need is email address and password.

In addition, Bitcoin is mobile-friendly. A lot of online casino games are accessible nowadays both in desktop and mobile versions. Now you can get the thrilling experience of your favorite games any time you wish on your smartphone or tablet.

All in all, Bitcoin is loved both by players and operators. It has already become a worldwide trend and its acclaim is going to grow continuously along with the popularity of online gambling.

Instant BTC to EUR Exchanger

Not all the online gaming operators have integrated bitcoins. Therefore, some of the games are only available for wagering in EUR. In this article we will show you how to exchange your bitcoin for euros with Cubits so you can enjoy as many of our thrilling games as possible.

1. How to instantly exchange your bitcoins for EUR (if you already have bitcoins)

2. How to quickly and safely open a bitcoin account and purchase bitcoins to play EUR games (if you don’t have an account already)

Exchange your BTC to EUR Instantly

1. Login to your account, click Deposit and select currency

  • If you already have bitcoins, you will see a usual bitcoin payment form. Send the bitcoins to to the wallet and your bitcoins will be converted into euros on your Bitcoin Casino account.
  • If you don’t have bitcoins but you would like to purchase them to top up your EUR balance – please continue reading.

How to Purchase Bitcoins

To purchase bitcoins and top up your Bitcoin Casino EUR balance, you need to create a Cubits account. This is a one-time procedure and takes about 3 minutes.

  1. On the deposit screen, click Pay with Cubits
  2. Click that you want to Pay with Cubits Wallet and click Sign Up to create a Cubits account.
  3. Fill in the registration form and once you are in your Cubits account click Buy BTC.
  4. Here you can purchase BTCs with VISA, MasterCard, OKpay or with a bank transfer. SEPA and International Bank Transfers may take up to 3 days to process.

Once you have bitcoins on your account, you can use them to top up your Bitcoin Casino balance:

  • You can send bitcoins to your personal Bitcoin Casino deposit address on the Deposit page.
  • Or simply Pay with Cubits and pay from your Cubits your account.

Step by Step Guide

If you want to buy BTC, first you have to create a Cubits account. We’ll describe the simple steps you need to follow below.

  1. Click Pay with Cubits while making a deposit.
  2. Choose that you want to Pay with Cubits Wallet and click Sign Up to create a Cubits account.
  3. Fill in the required information.
  4. Log into your Cubits account and click Buy Bitcoins.

You can buy Bitcoins via VISA, MasterCard, OKpay or Bank Transfer. Please, mind that SEPA and International Bank Transfers may take up to 3 days to process. With Bitcoins on your account, you can now top up your casino balance:

You can send them to your personal deposit address on the Deposit page or simply Pay with Cubits.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Get Started

  1. What is Bitcoin?
    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and payment method that has a lot of positive characteristics.
  2. Where can I purchase Bitcoins?
    Nowadays there are a lot of facilities that can help you with this matter. Online exchanges include, for instance, Circle and Cubits.
  3. What is Cubits?
    Cubits is our premium partner that provides great services of either buying or exchanging Bitcoins at any time and in any place. It is fast, secure and user-friendly like Bitcoin itself!
  4. Can I track my Bitcoin transactions myself?
    Sure! You can easily check the status of your Bitcoin transaction on

Deposit with Bitcoins (quoted from the Neteller website).

Changes to Deposits Using BTC

Bitcoin deposits can be used immediately for transfers to NETELLER merchants or transfers to other members. Bitcoin deposits cannot be used for purchases or withdrawals using your Net+ card. (Yes no casino notes: you CAN use these funds to withdraw to bank). Changing the requested amount in your Bitcoin Wallet will require manual processing and could delay your transaction until the next business day.

Neteller – Bitcoin Deposit limits (these can vary and you can contact Neteller to raise your limits)

Min transaction: 4.50 EUR
Max transaction: 1,170.00 EUR
Max monthly: 2,385.00 EUR

Example transaction

Withdraw from Bitcoin: 1,010.00 EUR
Processing fee (1%): 10.00 EUR
Deposit to NETELLER: 1,000.00 EUR
Processing time: 15 minutes

Bitcoin – Take Control of Your Money

Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

bitcoin casino bonuses

Maybe you’ve heard of Bitcoin, done a little research, and walked away confused — completely unsure of how Bitcoin can be of any benefit to you. Don’t worry, this won’t be another one of those articles. This article is to help simplify things!

Bitcoin is a digital currency that runs on a fancy bit of tech called the ‘blockchain.’ What is the blockchain? It’s a database, that’s all. The Bitcoin blockchain keeps track of how many Bitcoin are in the system, where they’re located, and where they’ve been transacted too. Broken down like that it doesn’t sound so fancy does it? Well, the interesting part comes in when we talk about who controls the Bitcoin database; no one does.

Bitcoin is a distributed database, in other words, the information is shared over various Bitcoin ‘nodes’, confirmed within the system by thousands of computers all over the world, and consensus is reached about the entire history of Bitcoin from 2009 until today. Because no one controls the Bitcoin network the users are in total control of the Bitcoin they hold.

But, what does total control mean when we’re talking about currency? Well, you’re not in total control of the funds in your bank. In fact, you don’t have any funds in your bank (despite the fact that you likely have a bank account with money in it). The bank has a pool of funds that it draws from whenever you want some money, and they just keep track of what percentage of that pool you own. They’re in total control of that pool and as the US housing crisis of 2008 showed us, banks aren’t the most responsible with money that isn’t even theirs.

Also, moving your money within the banking financial institution can takes days or even weeks of approval time, despite the fact that you’re given the illusion of instant money transfer (you’ve seen it before; the money was spent, but it’s status is ‘pending’). Bitcoin allows for almost instantaneous, irreversible, transactions (in most cases less than a half hour). Bitcoin gives you the edge in that you’re the bank of your own funds and are in control of where they’re stored, what they’re used for, and when they’re used. To achieve this in another way you would either have stacks of cash you hide under your mattress, or you own bars of gold; both of which are difficult if not impossible to use for online commerce.

Beyond control, Bitcoin allows for a way to instantly, and for the most part anonymously, send and receive money online. We’ll use an online casino as an example. Traditionally, you sign up for an online casino and link your bank account or use a credit or debit card. You could be playing for weeks with that money and your bank could decide that the transaction lies outside the bank’s ‘rules’ for how you should be spending your money and they could make things very difficult for you. Withdrawing your winnings from a casino is also fraught with examination by your financial institution.

With Bitcoin you simply transfer your coins and they’re associated with your casino account within a half hour. When you want them back you simply withdraw the coins into your Bitcoin wallet, where they’re back in your total possession and control without some third party judging you on how you just spent your money.

There are many fascinating and deeply technical aspects to Bitcoin, but in its basest sense it was created to be an online currency and in the 7 years it has been operating it has proven itself safe, secure, and extremely effective at this.

It’s easier than you think. Take control of your own money, get some Bitcoin today, sign up to a popular online casino from our trusted bitcoin casinos list, and don’t just take my word for how good it feels to be in control of your own money; see for yourself!