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Looking for the best virtual reality casino sites? Find more about VR casinos: new venues, games and bonuses and stay tuned for the latest trends.

Virtual reality (VR) has been creeping into just about every aspect of our lives, and casinos are no exception. Developers have been working on VR technologies for at least the last forty or fifty years, but it’s just now becoming viable as a real source of entertainment that’s within reach of the general public.

There are few reputable online casinos that also offer virtual reality experience. If you wan’t to skip all the explanation, you can visit one of our top picks listed below. Otherwise, you can follow me while I go over the main aspects of VR casinos – one of my favourite types of gambling sites!

Best Virtual Reality Casino Sites

Visit Casino
Slots Million Casino
Mr Green Casino

VR Casinos Overview

Casino owners, and especially online casino owners, know that gambler’s today expect more from their gaming experience. Casino patrons in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s, have grown up with home gaming consoles and 3D computer simulations of every kind. It takes more than pictures of fruit spinning on five rickety reels to keep them entertained — and spending money.

Technology has already vastly changed the gambling experience. Players can choose from hundreds of slot machines with three-dimensional characters, animated symbols and mini bonus games. Table games can be played with a live dealer who’s really sitting at a table a thousand miles away, and players from all over the world can play at the same time at the same casino.

We are on the verge of not just seeing casinos and casino games virtually represented on our screens, but being able to walk into those virtual representations, and interact with them. Players will be able to look around the casino floor, interact with dealers, place bets, and collect their chips, all without leaving their own living room. Fancy virtual reality online slots? Check us out!

Virtual Reality Casino Requirements

Virtual Reality Casino: Slots Million
Slots Million is the First Virtual Reality Online Casino for Real Money

There are some videos and demos that one can watch to get an idea of how different VR games and environments work, but specialised computer hardware will be necessary to get the real experience.

It’s important to note that at this point (mid-2018) virtual reality casino and gaming options are still limited, but there are plenty of other fun and interesting things you can do with virtual reality hardware if you decide to purchase some.

There are several options currently available for taking advantage of VR content. Outlining the details of each one is a bit outside the scope of this article, but it’s definitely worth your time to do some research and see which will fit with your intended use and price point. The major players right now are:

  • Oculus Rift – basically a complete package including everything you’d need to take full advantage of VR through your computer.
  • Vive VR – Another full package designed to work with your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Sony PlayStation VR – A VR system designed to work with the Sony PlayStation game console.
  • Samsung Gear VR – Works with the S6 and S7 series phones to allow them to be used as VR headsets.

If you decide to buy hardware that connects to your computer, make sure to check the minimum requirements for both your operating system and computer specs. Different models and/or brands may require more RAM or a more powerful video processor, etc.

Virtual Reality Casinos Today

As I said above, virtual reality gambling options are still somewhat limited, but the technology is moving fast, and the VR experience really does add something special. The two online casinos that seem to be offering the biggest and best virtual reality experience are Mr. Green and SlotsMillion.

Both casinos will immerse you in a realistic environment just as if you were walking through a real (but sometimes eerily empty) land-based casino. There are several common table games that you can play and slots, too. Place your bets, watch the results, and collect your winnings just as you would in a live game. In some cases, you can even talk to other players by speaking into your microphone. There’s no need to click your mouse to bet or type on your keyboard to talk.

Some of the biggest gaming providers are also well into their virtual reality game development efforts. NetEnt, one of the most prominent video slot developers, has released a few VR versions of their slots including Jack’s World and Gonzo’s Quest (use control in the top left of the video demos to look around). Microgaming has also been showing off some virtual and augmented reality casino games they’ve been working on as well.

You can see right away that these new games don’t just appear in front of the player. They are built around the player. The environment is a full 360 degrees. Nothing is tied to a screen. Things can happen all around you as play. You become a central part of the game itself.

The Future Of VR Casinos

The future will undoubtedly bring many more changes and innovations to casino games themselves, but one of the most significant changes will likely be the ability for players online to interact with one another just like they do in land-based casinos. What is now primarily a solitary experience will become much more social as the technology evolves. Or, at the least, players will have the choice of being social or solitary — which might be even better.

In the end, virtual reality casino patrons will end up getting much more value for their money. The online casino experience is getting closer and closer to the live, land-based casino experience every day. All we need now is for someone to figure out how to get the free drinks from the waitress at the virtual casino into our real hands at home.