F.A.Q. About Yes No Casino

Yes No Casino is the online casino reviews website formerly known as Slots Guide. Here’s a little FAQ we made all those years ago when we first started. You can find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

Q. What type of games will you be focusing on?

A. There are already plenty of good guides out there for poker websites and for live online casinos. We are going to be focusing solely on the increasingly popular online slots casinos.

Q. Why start a guide to online slots casinos?

A. We have spent a long time trying to ‘beat the casino’. We have read and tried out tips, hints, walkthroughs and cheats from numerous websites proclaiming to have the ultimate casino system or cheat. We have spent thousands trying things out so by sharing our knowledge with you at the very least we may save you from some huge losses trying things out, at best you may walk away a little or a lot richer.

For us, it is a good reminder to have these guides written down in one safe place. Discipline is probably the biggest asset to anyone gambling and creating these guides is good for our own discipline.

Q. Will a casino try and shut this guide down?

A. No, the casino operators usually have a number of different casino websites running at the same time. Each one of these casinos has thousands of daily players. It is a common phrase that the house always wins. This is not to say that casinos cheat (there are regulatory bodies in place to ensure they give you a fair chance (though of course there are plenty of unscrupulous casinos out there which we will touch in more detail later)), but the odds are always stacked in the favour of the casino. On a live roulette table the odds are stacked in the casinos favour due to the 0 (or in some cases 0 and 00). For online slots the casino usually gives a payout percentage of around 95%. But the main factor in a casinos favour is the human element (if you have found and are reading this blog then you probably already know what we are talking about).

So for every player that manages to win, the casino will have enough losers to cover themselves handsomely. They will be just fine.

Q. Will this slots guide ensure I win big?

A. To put it bluntly, NO. We can give you no guarantees. If it were that simple to beat online casinos then we would be sitting on private islands in the sunshine sipping cocktails, rather than writing these articles. With all the knowledge we have gained over the years, we still have bad days, bad weeks, even bad months. Perhaps eventually we will have perfected our gaming to an extent we can give up our day jobs… but not yet.

We can also not be held responsible for readers getting greedy or chasing their losses.

Q. Are you attached to a casino or casino chain?

A. No. As you go through these articles you will notice that we recommend a number of different casinos from different casino chains – that should be answer enough.

We will only be recommending the casinos that we stand behind and use regularly ourselves. We will also be advising you on things to look out for in all casinos so you know which casinos to avoid.

Like the title says, this website is merely a guide for you, you are welcome (we encourage it) to make up your own minds about anything we advise.

Contact Details

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phone: +44 20 3608 0567

Operators, affiliate manager and advertisers: we do not appreciate cold calls, however we do read our emails. You are welcome to email us and if we find your casino relevant and appropriate to our audience, we will contact you.