Casino Deposit Methods

When it comes to casino deposits, UK punters have an endless variety of banking methods to choose from – credit/debit cards, ewallets, prepaid cards, pay by phone, bitcoins and more. Pretty much all global methods are available.

It’s great, although sometimes big variety of options can make things a bit complicated. Which one is safer? Which one has the lowest fees? Which one allow the fastest withdrawals and so on.

So first, we would like to make some order in all this mess. Second, we will list the best online casinos for each option.

Which casino deposit method is the best for you?

When choosing a deposit & withdrawal method there are few parameters to consider. Naturally, the best choice varies based on your personal preferences. For example, someone who plays with small amounts and only on mobile can go with Payforit or Boku. However, if you wish to make deposits higher than 30 pounds those are not good. And so on.

Since these things tend to get boring, we will make this article in form of questions and answer.

How often do you play online?

That’s the first and most important question to ask. If you rarely play, we would avoid making some special efforts and use the methods you use anyway – your credit card or debit card. Those are by far the most popular deposit methods online.

The advantages here are clear: they are simple to use, plus you can use them for withdrawals as well. They do have some cons that worth noticing:

  • The withdrawals are not the fastest. In best online casinos it will take usually 24 – 72 hours.
  • If you are switching casinos every week, your credit card details will be in each and every one of them.
  • Not the best option for mobile phone casino players as typing all those digits can be quite annoying.

Paypal, which I assume most of you use for your online purchases, can be added to the category of “Most popular banking methods” and it has some advantages:

  • You don’t share your banking details with the casinos.
  • The withdrawals are much faster, but with slightly higher fees.

Bottom line: for those of you who deposit once or twice per year – credit/debit cards are the best choice. Those who play a bit more often we would suggest picking a Paypal casino instead.

Now, if you play frequently, and especially if you play in multiple casinos, we highly recommend that you give it more thought, explore the options available to you and pick the best one.

Safety – Are you playing in multiple casinos or stick to the same ones?

These days pretty much all deposit methods and all reputable UK online casinos are safe. They are encrypted, secure and have multiple layers of protection. So unless you choose some god forgotten casino you are good to go. However, everything that is online can be hacked – British Airways was hacked; the Pentagon was hacked multiple times and the list goes on.

The chances of that happening are slim, but you can minify them by using ewallets (and not credit cards). As we explained before, using ewallets means that your banking details are stored just on one site (on Paypal for example) and you do not need to insert them on each casino you play.

The most popular e-wallets for casino deposits are Neteller, Skrill and the aforementioned Paypal. All of them work in a similar way but have some differences.

Paypal – despite being the most popular ewallet, it’s not the most popular when it comes to online casinos. It is accepted in less than 10% of casinos. Plus, it’s available only in UK, Germany and few other EU countries.

On the contrary, Skrill and Neteller are available in all online casinos and in almost every country. So if you tend to play in multiple casinos, switch often and go after the best bonuses (bonus hunting) – you should spend few minutes and open an account in one of those two. It’s worth noting that Skrill, Neteller (and Paysafecard) belong to the same company – therefore no point in using both.

Do you tend to spend more than you planned?

If you tend to forget yourself and spend more than you planned – prepaid cards are a great option to control your budget.

Paysafecard casino deposits would be the best choice here. All casinos accept it and you can purchase it in almost 100,000 shops across Europe. You can find your local store here. You determine the amount you wish to have on your card, £25, £50, etc and that’s it.

The pros and cons here are obvious. You cannot get caught up and overspend. On the other hand you are forced to repeat this process each time you finish your balance. And of course it cannot be used for withdrawals.

Online Banking Methods

Another group of online payment solutions which serves as a connection between your bank account to online shops or casinos. Citadel, SoFort and Trustly are the most popular representatives.

These methods offer high level of security and are in most cases can be used for withdrawals. However the withdrawals take longer than with ewallets, usually something like 2-3 days.

Pay and Play

Trusty’s Pay and Play deserve a special place on the list. It’s a new option developed by the company which allows you to play without registration. It works only in specific Pay & Play casinos but we expect it to spread like fire in the near future.

Bitcoin and other Cryptos

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies became very popular gambling deposit method in 2017, specifically in less regulated markets, such as USA and Australia.

They are safe and offer instant deposits and withdrawals. But of course you do need to know how to use them.