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The casino guides and tools on this page are going to come in various different flavours. We have a number of very general but useful tips for the beginner casino player, some little casino tricks you can try out yourselves which are perfectly legitimate but little known or perhaps too obvious to even be considered by most. We also have a good number of online casino tips which we hope will help you have a more pleasant journey or even help you to avoid very common pitfalls.
For the more experienced or advanced online casino player we have a number of very in depth articles looking into the background, the mathematics and even long session recordings and statistical analysis.
As always, if there’s something you want us to investigate then we are more than happy to put in the hours for you because in all likelihood it will be fascinating for us too!

Casino Withdrawals Cont

Understanding Casino Withdrawal Limits

Something that is often overlooked, but vitally important when gambling online, is to consider the withdrawal limits imposed by any given online casino. Withdrawal limits vary widely and can be affected by several different factors including the currency you play with, the casino banking options you use, where you live, […]


Slots: Do the maths!

Slots: Do the maths (part 1) It is important when waiting for big wins to know exactly how big your win could actually be. Many players make the mistake that when they hit a losing run and lose quite a bit of balance, they chase far too quickly and too […]


Bonus wagering requirements

Wagering requirements / Play-through requirements If you take any online casino bonus, you are likely to come across the term “Wagering requirements” or “Play-through requirements”. These are perfectly normal and are there to protect the casino from people simply opening an account, depositing and immediately withdrawing their deposit plus the […]


Before you make a deposit

Before you deposit to an online gambling site Once you have joined a respectable and trusted online slots casino it is common practice to make a deposit straight away and get on with the gambling. Verify your details before depositing We recommend though that you take one more step first. […]


RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

It might not be the most obvious subject to be dealing with in a slots guide website but it is something that you should definitely keep in mind when playing online slots. Repeatedly clicking the start/stop button hundreds or thousands of times a day, sometimes with a bad posture or […]


Breaking The Rules

Online casinos have been offering casino bonuses ever since their inception. Back at the start these bonuses were much lower in value but much simpler to understand and much less strict in their terms and conditions. Alas some players cottoned on to systems that enabled them to “abuse” the casino […]


Slot Variance & Slot Volatility

If you like to play slot machines, be they in land-based casinos or online casinos, you’re going to hear the word “volatility” eventually. Veteran players have most likely seen this term hundreds of times, especially if you frequent slot review sites. For new slot players, though, the term can be […]


Advanced Autoplay Functions

The auto play function is not only used to save your hands from getting repetitive strain injury but it can also sometime be used to determine your strategy or to keep tabs on how your session is going without you having to manually work things out. Let us take the […]


When is a win not a win?

or “How online slot casino software works (part 3)” The title of this article “When is a win not a win?” is not a pun from a cheap Christmas cracker, but a phrase leading in to a few simple pointers to help you keep your focus. Online slot oddities 1) […]


Dormancy-Inactivity Fee

A lot of online casinos include a fee of some sort for inactive accounts. Here is an email we received explaining one such fee: I am contacting you on behalf of the Support Department at “Casino”, with regards to your account. Please be advised that in 28 days your account […]


Dishonest Affiliates

We have already mentioned that unfortunately the greater majority of online slot casino portal websites and blogs should not be trusted (this is also true for online poker casino portals, online bookmaker portals, etc, etc). But don’t take our word for it, always do your own research before trying out […]