Breaking The Rules

Online casinos have been offering casino bonuses ever since their inception. Back at the start these bonuses were much lower in value but much simpler to understand and much less strict in their terms and conditions. Alas some players cottoned on to systems that enabled them to “abuse” the casino bonuses and the casinos were hit with lots of free money winners. So over the years since then they have all been trying to find a bonus system which protects the casino from abuse whilst still giving the player the incentive to join and play.

Unfortunately for the players a lot of casinos have really stacked the cards in their favour to try and ensure most players can’t beat the bonus. What’s worse is the crazy terms and conditions in place at a lot of casinos and the fact that they make them too complicated to understand or hide the little terms away in the small print.

What’s even more crazy is the fact that it is so easy to break the casinos terms and conditions, even by accident. There are one or two casinos that actually really hammer down their games so you cannot actually break the rules, but for all the rest you can even break the rules by accident and they will claim you are a bonus abuser.

Plea to the online gaming authorities

I would suggest to the gaming authorities (Malta and UK particularly) that they make it mandatory that casinos make it impossible for players to play games that are disallowed with bonuses. It should also be mandatory that whilst playing with a bonus the casinos make it impossible to break the max bet rule.

I remember years and years ago that at some casinos it was not possible to break these rules. So technologically speaking this really shouldn’t be an issue to implement. Give the casinos time to adapt, give them till the end of 2016. If a casino fails to implement this system then they lose their license. End of story.

The white hat casino suppliers could do it for all their clients. NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, etc could help with the integration into their games. This really doesn’t have to be that difficult. And just think how many complaints procedures would be saved and how much more integrity the whole industry could gain?

At the moment it feels very much like these rules are made so they can be broken. If this industry is supposed to be regulated then let’s regulate it properly. Let’s protect the players but also save so much time on issues and complaints that can easily be avoided.

Come on guys, get a grip.