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Online Slots Blog: There’s nothing we enjoy more than coming up with interesting subjects to talk about or doing special little feature pieces about something we care about. We have a passion for what we do here at Slots Guide and if we come across something we don’t know about we will investigate, research and write about our findings.

We also like to take the time every now and then to do little collection pieces like featuring some of our all time favourite slots or bringing you some great slot machines that are relatively unknown or if we see a particular theme having a lot of slots related to it then we’ll talk about that.

If there’s something bugging us we’ll tell you about it or we’ll investigate frequently asked questions about casinos and slots. If we spot a glitch in a particular casino game or set of casino games then we’ll tell you about it.

We hope you enjoy reading our slots articles as much as we enjoy writing about them!


Dwarf Gone Wild Slot by Quickspin

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