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Online Slots Blog: There’s nothing we enjoy more than coming up with interesting subjects to talk about or doing special little feature pieces about something we care about. We have a passion for what we do here at Slots Guide and if we come across something we don’t know about we will investigate, research and write about our findings.

We also like to take the time every now and then to do little collection pieces like featuring some of our all time favourite slots or bringing you some great slot machines that are relatively unknown or if we see a particular theme having a lot of slots related to it then we’ll talk about that.

If there’s something bugging us we’ll tell you about it or we’ll investigate frequently asked questions about casinos and slots. If we spot a glitch in a particular casino game or set of casino games then we’ll tell you about it.

We hope you enjoy reading our slots articles as much as we enjoy writing about them!


Lilith's Inferno slot by Yggdrasil Preview

Best Slots To Play In October 2019

Looking for the best slots to play in October 2019? Check us out! You can find all of my top 5 slots for this month at most UK online casino sites. It is time once again, loyal readers, for our regularly scheduled list of the best slots on the Internet […]

Nikola Tesla's Incredible Machine slot by Yggdrasil

Best Slots To Play In September 2019

As we leave the warm days of Spring and Summer behind, Autumn takes hold and gets the world ready for the cold, lazy winter ahead. We may not see days of fun in the sun for several months now, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to enjoy some fun […]

Mercy of the Gods slot by NetEnt

Best Slots To Play in August 2019

The hits just keep on comin’ and we’re back again with a hot new list of the best slots to play in August 2019. It should come as no surprise that some of our favourite online slot design studios have been hard at work, releasing new slots over the last […]

Virtual Reality Slots Big Bad Wolf Slot by Quickspin

Top 10 Virtual Reality Slots In 2019

The evolution of technology never stops, and that includes the technology that drives online casinos and the online gambling experience. One of the areas of technology that has seen some of the most substantial advances in recent years is virtual reality. Many players are unaware of it, but several casino […]

Best slots to play in July 2019: Gorillas go Wild slot by Nextgen

Best Slots To Play in July 2019

Our new edition with the best slots to play in July 2019 is here! June has come and gone and as we take out first steps into July, it’s not just the weather outside that’s getting hot. In the past month, the biggest and brightest slot developers in the game […]

Game of Gladiators slot by Play'N Go

Best Slots To Play June 2019

Our new delivery with the best slots to play in June 2019 is here! Like a never-ending fountain of fun, online video slot machine developers around the world continue to grace us with new games as they try to outdo one another. It has been a very productive month with […]

Best Slots To Play in May 2019

Another month has come and gone and it’s time once again to look at the best new video slot releases to be found at your favourite online casinos. The biggest names in the business have been generous and provided us with plenty of new games to keep the fun and […]

Cash Vandal slot by Play'N Go

Best Slots To Play in April 2019

Time rolls on and we’ve made it through another month of fun, excitement, and brand new video slots in 2019. It’s April, but we are most certainly not fooling around here. We have a fresh new list of the hottest online video slots to look for at your favourite online […]

Aztec Warrior Princess slot by Play'N Go

9 Of The Best Mexican Themed Online Video Slots

Looking for the perfect Mexican themed slot? Check out our latest article! Over the years we’ve seen loads of different themes on video slot machines. From wild and whacky to beautiful and romantic and everything in between. Some themes have come and gone almost without being noticed, and some come […]

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

9 Of The Hottest Superhero Slots To Supercharge Your Bankroll

Sometimes it seems like every theme that could possibly appear on a video slot machine has been done a hundred times in a hundred different ways. We’ve all seen Egyptian themes, horror themes, lucky leprechaun themes, and of course jewels and fruit symbols at our favourite online casino. You probably […]

Champions of Rome slot by Yggdrasil

Best Slots To Play in March 2019

It is time, once again, for our hot list of the best slots to look for and play at your favourite online casino. The game makers have been as busy as ever and there have been some great new releases over the last few weeks that are well worth your […]

Trolls Bridge Slot by Yggdrasil

Best Slots To Play in February 2019

Looking for the best slots to play in February 2019? Check us out! So we’ve made it through the first month of 2019. January is behind us and February is underway. We’re coming up quickly on that one special day every year that celebrates love and lovers. Do you have […]

Megaways White Rabit Slot by Big Time Gaming

Megaways Slots from Big Time Gaming

What are Megaways Slots? How does this feature work? Find advantages when playing online slots to maximize your winnings! Every time we think that maybe we’ve seen the concept of a slot machine pushed as far as it can go, imagination and technology show us that there are still many […]

Chilli Pop Slot by Betsoft

Best Slots To Play in January 2019

Another year has gotten behind us as we move into 2019. 19 years after the Y2K bug was supposed to have destroyed modern civilization we’re still going strong! As our planet and our history grow another year older, we’d like to quickly say that we hope 2018 was good to […]

Vikings Slot by NetEnt

Best Slots To Play December 2018

Well, here we are. It’s the end of the year, and it’s time for our last list of the hot new slots you should be looking for at your favourite online casino for 2018. When we return with our next list, the world will be another year older, and we’ll […]

Lucha Legends Slot by Microgaming

Best Slots To Play for November 2018

Tired of playing the same slot machines time after time? Check our latest delivery with the best slots to play for November 2018! We’re coming up quickly on the end of the year, but luckily for us, the game designers are showing no sign of slowing down. With all the […]

Rise of Olympus by Play'N Go

Best Online Slots To Play October 2018

It’s time once again to run down our list of the best online video slots that you should be playing — or at least checking out. There have been plenty of new releases since our last list and quite a few of them have turned out to be real crowd […]

Dwarf Gone Wild Slot by Quickspin

Most Popular Slots in 2018

Everyone, of course, has their own favourite slot machines. Did you ever wonder, though, which slot machines among the thousands available online are the biggest favourites among all the players in all online casinos? Well, as with everything else on the Internet, there are people who track that sort of […]

243 Ways to Win Slots

243 Ways To Win Slots – What are they?

Did you hear about the 243 ways to win slots feature? Stay with me while we go over this new type of slots that are conquering the market. The slot machines we play today are certainly not the same as the originals. Many things have changed since the beginning, especially […]

Leprechaun Song Slot by Pragmatic Play

Top 5 Online Slots To Play In August 2018

Looking for the best online slots to play in August 2018? Check our monthly slot reviews with the hottest games recently released. Another month has gone by, and it’s been a hot one for casino game developers. Several of the biggest brands have released some of their most creative slots […]

Top 5 Online Slots To Play In July 2018

The game designers never rest. There are new online slots coming out almost daily. It can be difficult to keep up with them all. Don’t you worry though, we here at are working just as hard to make sure that you don’t miss a thing. We’re trying them. We’re […]

Liberty Bell Slot Gum Fruit

A Quick Look at the History of Slot Machines and Slot Machine Symbols

Slot machines are arguably the most popular form of gambling in the world. There is not a casino on Earth, land-based or online, that doesn’t have slot machines. In fact, in most gambling establishments, the slots are the very first thing you’ll see. The famed “one-armed bandits” have been a […]

Mega Million From NetEnt

Mega Million Offers €1,000,000 In Prizes During World Cup

NetEnt, one of the online gaming industry’s most prolific video slots creators, has announced a 2018 World Cup promotion worth €1,000,000 in cash prizes. NetEnt’s Mega Million campaign will make sure that a few lucky players remember the 2018 World Cup for the rest of their lives. The campaign will […]

Flame Slot by Nextgen

Top 5 Online Slots To Play In June 2018

Looking for the best Online Slots To Play In June 2018? Look no further! here is our monthly review to get you going! The online world of video slots never stops moving. Game designers are pushing out new releases with increasing speed and the games they give us are getting […]

Best slots to play in May 2018: Sugarpop 2: Double Dipped by Betsoft

Best Online Slots to play in May 2018

If you are looking for the best online slots to play in May 2018, we got you covered! Because we are starting this section with the best slot machines around – new and traditional tittles – including an explanation about why we choose them again. If there’s something that all […]

monopoly casino logo

Monopoly slots and Monopoly casino

An online world filled with Monopoly slots and games Monopoly is arguably the most famous of all the board games in the world. It also has a very long-standing history in the online casino world. For over a decade, Monopoly-themed slot machine games have been part and parcel of the […]

legendary slot book of ra

Epic High Variance Slots

If you have played online slot machine games for any decent length of time, you will probably have heard of low variance, medium variance and high variance slot machine games. You might not know it, but the variance of a slot machine can play a great part in how much […]

slots tournament battle

Slot tournaments, casino races & casino tournaments

There is much more to online casinos than meets the eye. As well as being a provider of online casino games such as slots, table games and instant win titles; online casinos also regularly provide exciting competitions for their players to partake in. Such competitions can include slot tournaments, casino […]

paws of fury ninja slot features

Ninja Slots

Ninja themed online slots When it comes to online slot themes, there is no shortage of choice. Almost every major theme imaginable has been replicated and reproduced in the online casino world at some point or another. Take ninja slots, for instance. You have probably never thought about playing a […]

playtech marvel slot spider-man

Playtech Scatter Preview & Microgaming Scatter Glitch

This little article isn’t going to help you very much, if at all in fact! However it might be good to know anyway to avoid any myths or superstitions: The Playtech Scatter Preview: There are a number of Playtech slots which have this glitch in them including the Casino Technology […]

uk pub fruit machine

Best classic UK pub fruit machines

As a slight change of pace here on Yes No Casino we decided to jump in our trusty time machine and travel back to the 90’s and see if we could find our old faithful friends, our all time favourite UK pub fruit machines. And thanks to the wonders of […]

netent casino

How bad management cost NetEnt top spot

Many years ago you had the likes of Microgaming and Playtech way out on top of the online slot provider league. Then along came NetEnt and blew everyone out of the water. Microgaming were also hit hard after having had to pull out of the USA casino market whilst Playtech […]


Best slots you have never played #1

Beverly Hills 90210 slot review (iSoftbet) Online Slot Machine Beverly Hills 90210 Slot Provider iSoftbet Casino Software Jackpot Slot No Reels 5 Win Lines 243 RTP 97.01% This online slot is definitely our guilty little secret. It is such a brilliant hidden little gem that it has inspired us to […]

euro 2016 football slots

Battle of the terrible football cash in slots

So Euro 2016 is about to start tonight and it seems that every man and his dog is releasing a football related slot ready to cash in on the summer football fever. Unfortunately in most cases it seems like the slot designers completely forgot about Euro 2016 until a few […]


Proof that your “picks” are irrelevant

Have you ever cursed yourself for making the wrong selection during a “bonus pick” bonus round? Or have you ever wondered if it actually made any difference at all which option you chose? Well wonder no more because I am here to tell you that there is nothing random in […]

microgaming achievements

Microgaming Achievements

If you have played Microgaming slots then you will likely have seen the pop up “Achievement Unlocked”. If you have gone one step further you may have clicked on the pay table to find which achievements you have unlocked. And for most people the reaction to all this is “hmmmm […]

best online slots

Top 30 Best Online Slots Of All Time

Top 30 Best Online Slots Of All Time Welcome to the Yes No Casino hand-picked Top 30 best online slots machines of all time. Now we were initially going to do only a top 10 but there are just so many great slots out there from so many providers that […]

dog slots

Dog Slots

We decided just for a change of pace we would do a little series reviewing some online slots with a dog related theme, Just for the hell of it! So we are going to be trawling all our favourite casinos hunting down all the canine related online slots we can […]

playtech casino

Playtech: Fixing what is broken

A few weeks ago we wrote an open letter to Playtech (within one of our online slot reviews) where we expressed out regret at the output and direction of their online slot division. Now we were not expecting a reply from Playtech (we didn’t get one) and we were not […]

slot machines

All You Need to Know about Slot Machines

Online Slot Reviews: Fed up of seeing online slot reviews clearly written by professional writers who have never played a slot machine before in their life? Me too! Our online slot reviews cut out the chaff and tell you what you really want to know. We play slots and we […]