Proof that your “picks” are irrelevant

Have you ever cursed yourself for making the wrong selection during a “bonus pick” bonus round? Or have you ever wondered if it actually made any difference at all which option you chose?

Well wonder no more because I am here to tell you that there is nothing random in these selections. The outcome has already been determined before you even picked up the mouse. How can I be so sure you may ask… well I will tell you then!

The other day I was playing Action Bank over at (a now blacklisted) casino. Now my player account is in Euro’s but at xxx Casino, Action Bank plays in pounds. There are 3 places here to see my bank balance, 1 in GBP at the foot of the slot and 1 in EUR at the top left of the slot. The third balance meter is in the casino interface (also in EUR). I have noticed when playing Action Bank, that the casino interface balance meter is actually quicker than the slot. In fact on a winning spin, the balance first of all drops by the bet amount, then immediately rises again by the win amount… before the reels have even finished spinning.

With me so far?

Ok, now here is the interesting thing… One time the other day my balance went up by about €40(ish) on a £1.00 spin. While the reels were spinning I was thinking “ooh, decent win” but then instead of a win coming in, it spun in the 5 bonus symbols.

So I was confused, how could the slot know I would win €40(ish) when there is a gamble option on the amount of free spins I win. I could gamble the free spins all the way down to zero. But there was one thing I didn’t factor in. When I made my pick for the free spins it actually gave me the bank vault bonus. And during the bank vault bonus I clicked my way to the lowest of the 3 possible wins. €40(ish).

So… even though I had 5 icons to choose from, I was always going to pick the bank vault bonus instead of one of the 4 free spins numbers. And during the bank vault bonus I was always going to end up with the lowest of the wins.

So there you have it folks, proof if you ever wanted it that your picks are completely irrelevant!