Slot Machine Strategy

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Slot machine strategy comes in many shapes and forms. From speed of play to varying bet size to picking certain games to… well you name it, people are going to try it.

One slot provider (Elk Studios) actually include various strategies in their autoplay functions which you can select if you dare. We’ll list their strategies here:

“Elk Studios Slot Betting Strategies:

Are you looking for more action? Many players change their bet size based on the outcome of previous gameplay. ELK Studios slots introduce a new way of playing casino games with the launch of Betting Strategies. A betting strategy is a predefined betting pattern that automatically changes the bet level depending on a set of rules. A player can change or turn off the betting strategy after any bet. Betting Strategies work well in combination with Auto Play.

Raise on win: Bet level will increase after every winning round until reaching 4 levels above base level (e.g 10 times base level). Bet level will be reset to base level after a losing round.

Raise on 5 concurrent losses: Bet level will increase 2 steps after 5 concurrent losing rounds. after another 5 loosing rounds the bet level will increase 2 more steps. Bet level will be reset to base level after a winning round.

Raise on loss: Bet level will increase one step after every losing round until reaching 4 levels above base level (e.g 10 times base level) Bet level will be reset to base level after a winning round.”

There’s not much we enjoy more than testing common slot strategies or coming up with out own strategies.


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