Backing your wins online slot machine strategy

We have already mentioned the random number generator a lot in our articles and we have also mentioned the “3 spins and out slot strategy”. Backing your wins is an extension on those two ideas.

First of all we should point out that not all random number generators are identical. Different slot platforms and different casinos use different random number generators. And some are more random that others. This is one of the reasons why we always recommend you test out your casinos and your slots in practice money before you start gambling for real.

We should also point out that the idea of backing your wins is therefore very slot, platform and casino specific. The basic premise is in the belief that the random number generator is not always as random as one would imagine. Now we have dismissed the idea of hot and cold slots already because there is no way from the outside that you can tell a hot or cold slot and there is no way to tell how long a hot or cold period could last anyway. On top of this you would be looking more at a hot or cold RNG anyway rather than the slots themselves.

The belief is in the fact a particular RNG goes through peaks and troughs. Let’s take a few examples of how we play the slots ourselves:

  1. TwinSpin from NetEnt is one of our favourite slots. There’s no bonus round and with quick spin enabled you can ramp through the spins and get an idea of what is going on. Upon landing a big win we click away the animations and quickly double our stake for a few spins in the hope we catch the RNG still at the top of it’s peak.
  2. Sticking with TwinSpin as an example when it’s not paying kindly you can drop your stake to the minimum and ride out the “trough”. A trough or bad run on any slot can last hundreds of spins, a rookie mistake is to keep upping your stake every hundred spins hoping for the upturn. This is all very well if your bad run lasts 200 spins but if it lasts 600 spins you will be very very broke. Instead understand that the slot has to pay it’s RTP over millions of spins rather than a few hundred. You can ride out the storm and when the slot seems to be turning the corner, only then up your stake.
  3. We have mentioned already that a Playtech slot can go a thousand spins without giving you a bonus feature. And then give 2 in 2 spins. A strategy here is to play minimum stake until you land a feature bonus and then up your stake for the spin following the bonus.
  4. With any high variance slot you can go a long long time without landing any decent wins and then go through a cycle of a handful of big wins in close succession.

Generally by backing your wins smartly you can turn the odds in your favour. But you don’t want to back your wins indefinitely, if you see the big win was an anomaly then drop your stake back to normal quick sharp.