Demo mode slot strategy

The theory behind this slot machine strategy

First of all we will explain the theory behind this slot machine strategy. The theory is that the random number generator isn’t always as random as it should be. You will have noticed that you get long runs of losses and sometimes you get a couple of mega big wins in a row. Depending on which slot you are playing and from which software provider there are certain patterns that emerge if you play long enough.

It is not true for every casino or for every slot but it does look like some random number generators act like a roller coaster or a mountain range where if you go high enough and spin 2 spins quickly enough after each other you can get 2 spins at the top of the peak which would equal 2 big wins. The random number generator will generate thousands of random numbers in the time it takes you to complete 2 spins so everything should be completely random, and in most cases it is. But sometimes you can play the RNG off against itself.

How to setup demo mode slot machine strategy

First of all you need to find a casino where you can play the exact same slot in both demo mode and real money mode at the same time. (For UK players, Guts casino or Royal Panda are perfect example for that.  In USA, Slots LV and Ignition casino would be our top choice). If you have 2 different browsers you can for example use Internet Explorer to play in demo mode on a non logged in account whilst at the same time using Firefox or Chrome to play in real money mode with you logged into your account.

Secondly you need to find a slot which allows you to play in quick spin mode. (There are some providers that offer those, such some of WMS slot machines, RTG, Pragamatic Play, and others).  And also a slot which doesn’t have any time consuming free spins or bonus rounds, like BetSoft for example. Also a slot which doesn’t have things like sticky wins (Think Jack Hammer 1 and 2 or Jack and the beanstalk).

Demo mode slot machine strategy part 1

The easy version of this strategy is to set the demo slot off on autoplay and use that to control your timing of your real money slot. So you assume the demo slot is going to be identical to your real money slot. If you are a slot player who adjusts their stake based on a run of 25, 50, 100, 200 or however many spins without a big win, then instead of spending money waiting for that run of losses and without the risk of raised stakes, you let the demo mode do that work for you and click the real money mode into action at the point you would be raising your stake.

Demo mode slot machine strategy part 2

The more difficult version of this slot strategy can ultimately be far more rewarding if you get it right. But it can also be highly frustrating. With this version of the strategy you are simply waiting for potential big wins. You need to concentrate hard and have good reactions with your finger over the space-bar or your mouse cursor over the start button.

You are basically waiting for a big win to roll in in demo mode and immediately you click real money more to hope the RNG is still near the peak. Depending on the slot you can also gamble on a demo spin being a win before it has finished spinning so you are closer to the demo spins start point. As an example in the Starburst slot by NetEnt as soon as you see the wild symbol spin in you hit the start button for real play. For the NetEnt slot TwinSpin as soon as the demo slot sets off on its multireel spin (you”l know what we mean if you have seen the video or played it yourself) you take a gamble that’s going to be the big one. For other slots you can watch the first 3 reels spin in and if that’s a win you can gamble that might become a big one.

Try before you buy & practice makes perfect

Now with all strategies we always advise you test out the theory in practice mode. You need to see for yourself it the theory works. You need to find the right slots and right casino for you – preferable a casino which pays fast and offers cashable welcome bonus. And you need to master the techniques. So do not go trying this with real money until you find your own version that works for you. IF you can get it to work. If you cannot win in demo mode then you do not try it for real.

2 casino warnings

1) Now as with any method of trying to beat the casino, if they find out they will not be happy. While you are not doing anything illegal, they will still not be happy if you beat them. One of our writers has already had 2 casinos close his account because he had some success with this method.

2) Another casino that has been tested had a funny thing occur. The slot that was being tested crashed every once in a while. But only the real money version of the slot. Didn’t matter which browser was being used at the time. But the funny thing was that on half the occasions the slot crashed, it was at the exact same spin as when the demo slot was spinning in a super mega big win. So a conspiracy theory would be that the casino had set their slots up to detect when the RNG threw up a value that represents a huge payout, and set them to crash! It’s a coincidence which cannot be proven one way or the other and therefore the casino in question will remain nameless (but needless to say we shall NOT be recommending them on this site).

Reader feedback:

first sorry for my bad English but i have to clarify something in relation to your big win strategy in demo mode. It is right that the slots aren’t random, there are hot and cold series of spins. If you play a game in demo mode and open the same game again, (for example one google chrome and one in firefox) the strategy works, and you get a lot of big wins in both (I tested it in many games, e.g. jack and the beanstalk etc.). BUT if you play for real money, this strategy doesn’t work as good as in free play mode. If you open a game in free mode, than open the same game in real money mode, you don’t hit wins like you did it with two free play mode without any money. It seems that the netent servers, are more likely to pay out in relation to your profile. (for example what kind of player you are, big wins in history, deposit etc.) The circle of winning in free play mode doesn’t affect the real play mode as much as you describe in your article or maybe think. I have tested it al lot of times, and it cant be coincidence, that this strategy only works in free play mode.
greetings, and thank you for your answer
– – –
Hi Mike,
First of all thanks very much for your feedback and it is good to hear you have been doing a lot of practice in demo mode. I’ll be honest with you, this strategy is one I haven’t used myself in a while but have been meaning to come back to it.
To answer your questions, I do believe that most slot suppliers use the same random number generator for both demo mode and real money slots. In theory they all have to by law. I too though have noticed odd things happen in demo mode from some slot providers but need to test these out further before making any hasty accusations. What I will say is that most do seem to play identically in both demo and real money slots mode. And that includes the big boys like NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, Quickspin, etc.
One big question does remain though. Do NetEnt for example use the exact same RNG for every slot, for every casino and for demo and real modes or are there thousands of identical RNG’s all running at the same time next to each other? That I am not sure about.
For your other big question, do the slots run hot and cold? Now this is the ultimate question for any slot machine player and there are a lot of myths surrounding it. All I can tell you is what I believe but cannot prove (although I am going to sit down and do a big big test soon and record the results in an article here). Now what I believe is that the RNG goes through ups and downs with spikes and troughs. That it is more likely to throw a big number out near another big number rather than going from one end of the spectrum to the other. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen just that the numbers are often close together. I believe this because of the cycles of wins and losses you get, where you can go 40 spins only getting one or two token low wins and then you get 5 wins in a sequence of 7 or 8 spins. Or the fact that bonus rounds can often be close together.
But like I said, I need to sit down with thousands of spins and get some real data together to prove or disprove this feeling.

Cheers, Slots Guide