Advanced Incremental Slot Machine Strategy

Incremental Slot Strategy is a strategy whereby the player tries to use a particular slots’ law of averages against itself. By reducing and increasing the bet size, the player is trying to gain an advantage over the slot. It is like a Martingale system for slots (the Martingale system being a roulette strategy of betting on red after a black has dropped, then doubling your bet size if another black drops, etc).

Small increments

A golden rule to playing any incremental slot strategy is picking the right slot of course. You may have picked a slot you know very well and one which has a good RTP percentage but if the slot doesn’t allow small betting size increments then it is not safe to play this strategy on that slot.

There are two traditional variations on the incremental play strategy:

1) The first is to monitor a slot over thousands of spins and try and work out the average number of spins between reasonable sized wins (lets say wins of 10x or higher). If the average number of spins is 22 then you could use 30 spins as a tipping point where the slots’ averages are truly in your favour. After spin number 30 you double or treble your stake size and hope the decent win is only a few spins away.

For a different slot, the decent win size might be 5x and the average number of spins could be 10. Using a tipping point of 15 would work on this slot.

2) The second type of incremental slot play is the long game. This is more often used for the higher variance slots where the big wins are bigger but farther between. A very basic method of this is spinning 100 spins at for example 0.25. If no big win or feature win has occurred then play another 100 spins at 0.50 or 0.75.

Advanced Incremental Slot Machine Strategy

There are two decent advanced methods for incremental play.

1) After landing a big win often a player will carry on playing but expecting to lose for a couple of hundred spins so they set their stake back to the minimum. But if you think that you are going to be on a losing streak for a while, why not simply walk away from the slots altogether for ten minutes, and hour or a day?

2) Online slot casinos feature low, medium, high and very high variance slots. If you know how a couple of each type of these play, you can test the casino water by playing low stakes on a low variance slot and switch to medium or high variance when you feel a good win is coming up.

For example: Playtech Halloween Fortune is a low variance slot with a good RTP of 97.06%. As a 20 line slot you can test the water at a stake of 0.20 and your balance will not drop much at all even over a few hundred spins. At your chosen moment you can switch over to a higher variance slot and hopefully cash in if a big win drops.