Low roller disciplinarian slot strategies

What on earth is a low roller disciplinarian strategy?

Well it is an ultra strict strategy employed to try and make more small gains than small losses. It is designed to make big losses impossible but whilst big wins are unlikely, they are not impossible.

It is a strategy for the low roller, one who enjoys a flutter but who cannot afford to deposit much. It is also a great strategy for a new player or for a player who has no idea how to control a bankroll. It’s the teachers strategy if you will.

So how does it work?

This is a strategy for the Net Entertainment slot, Starbust. This is their flagship slot and one aimed at the new or casual player with it’s simple design and potential for cheap betting. This slot allows the player to play with low stakes of €0.10/$0.10 per spin whilst regularly paying out small wins to keep the bank balance ticking along.

Your staking level will be 0.10 by default with it rising to 0.20 and an absolute strict maximum of 0.40.

Your daily loss allowance is a max $10/€10 only. No matter what your starting point is, once you lose between $9 and $10 you stop and leave it for another day. If you feel you are on a losing run before you drop to that point then it is important to call it a day there and then. This ingrains slot playing discipline into the player.

Your daily maximum win level is $5 to $10. If a single win takes your daily profit over $10 then all the better of course, but you are only aiming for a $5 to $10 profit.

The reason for these strict levels are based on the patterns and on the the mathematics of big numbers and the rtp’s. From the vast experiences of many players it is a widely accepted fact that no matter what your budget is and no matter how you play and what you stake, your maximum realistic usual profit on a single day is between 50% and 100% of your budgeted bankroll. There are of course occasions where you can land a mega big huge win and get 1000% of your initial bankroll. But these wins are few and far between and should not be calculated into a slot players thinking. These super big wins really are a bonus and should be cashed out.

If you reach your magic 100% profit figure then stop for the day. In most cases once you (roughly) reach your 100% profit level your daily personal RTP is so far above the theoretical RTP that in most cases the laws of mathematics come back and bite you in the ass. And therein lies one of the problems with slot gambling, after a good session and a good profit, the player may feel confident enough to start upping their natural stake levels. And when those mathematics do come back at you, you will very quickly turn a 100% profit into a 100% loss.

We know that each and every spin of a slot machine is supposed to be completely random thanks to the RNG. But if you have made a good profit from your session why try and push your luck? Discipline really is the number one slot strategy and always will be. Ask any seasoned slot player and they should recognise the 100% profit cut-off point (even if they don’t follow it).

So anyway, we have established a daily gambling limit of between $-10 and $+10. This at the very least should keep you from losing huge amounts in the long term.

Now the secret to making a profit on Starbust with these limits is in knowing when to raise your stake from 0.10 to 0.20. If you can make a small profit at 0.20 then return to 0.10 you are upping the theoretical rtp of the slot in your favour. If you can spin 1000 spins this way and your bank balance is at it’s starting point then statistically over the course of your session you should in theory be closer to a big win coming up. We cannot tell you exactly how and when to raise or lower your stakes, this is something that intuition and practice can only tell you. The only warning we would have is not to play at 0.40 for too many spins. If you have raised from 0.10 to 0.20 and then from 0.20 to 0.40, if you haven’t achieved your aim within 10 spins at this top level, take a step back down anyway.

Sequences and patterns to look out for

If you have played for a long time, many many dozens of spins, all at one stake (0.10) without raising your stake, and your bank balance is in the profit (no matter how low in the profit), at some point you are better off taking the very small profit. Spinning 200 times at the same stake and making a small profit means that you are playing well above the slots rtp. And while you may not have made much money in the grand scheme of things you are more likely to now hit a losing streak than a decent winning streak.

Another sequence to look out for is the losing streak. Sometimes you need to be able to feel the losing streak and get out while you can. Losing streaks can last for a long long time and if you keep raising your stakes (Martingale system) during the losing run you can end up very very badly off.

Practice, practice, practice.

You are better off practicing your strategies with demo money than your own money. So give this strategy a try. You can play Starbust in demo mode here:

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