Four quarters are greater than one whole

In land based casinos you get teams of players who take over a bank of slots once a progressive jackpot has exceeded the average payout value. If you are jackpot hunting it is always safest to follow the same logic, only start pumping in your coins when the jackpot has exceeded it’s average payout. This is turning the odds slightly in your favour as the jackpot is likely not to be too far away (smaller jackpots that is, the bigger the jackpot the more the payout value can vary).

For online slots with progressive jackpots there are also teams of players who work together to target the jackpots. But there are also individuals who use the same tactics by themselves to give themselves a greater chance of landing a jackpot.

How you can use this slot machine strategy

Once a progressive jackpot has exceeded it’s average payout value, you start playing the slot. But rather than playing once, you play the same game on a number of accounts with different casinos simultaneously. Now we are not suggesting you play the same stakes on all the accounts, instead you spread your stake out equally between the accounts. From experience we believe that you are slightly more likely to drop a jackpot if you play 4 accounts at €0.25 rather than 1 account at €1.00

4 is our magic number

We like to have 4 accounts for this simply because we can tile the 4 slot screens onto a single computer monitor and have a clear overview of them all at the same time. There are players who use multiple computers and multiple screens all at the same time and make themselves into a large team all by themselves. We suggest you go to practice mode and try this system out for yourself so you can find the optimum number of simultaneous slots that works for you.

The other benefit of tiled slots/accounts

Another huge (arguably greater) benefit of having multiple active accounts at the same time is that you can start all of them off on low stakes autoplay and decide which (if any) of them you feel you want to concentrate on at any particular time, turn the others off and only activate them when it’s time to hunt the progressive jackpot. When you feel you are going to hit a losing run on the active account you can stop and repeat the initial process and select a new account to focus on.

Again we are not advocating you depositing your full planned deposit on each account you want to use in this way. Once again you need to split your money equally between them. Consider the 4 (or however many) accounts as 1. Your bankroll remains the same, it is irrelevant in the big picture where the spins actually take place.