In out in out online slot strategy

Slot Strategy Review: 5 spins and out

This is another slot strategy that crops up time and again. The theory behind this one is that if you don’t get a winning spin in your first 5 spins, you exit the slot and try another. If you do get winning spins you carry on. This is to identify if a slot is hot or cold.

Our verdict

We have already explained a number of times that online slots just do not work like this. We don’t believe in a simple 5 spin rule. We have seen it happen so many times where any number of losing spins happen when entering a slot just before landing the big one. On the flip side we have seen the first 5 spins being reasonable followed by major losing runs. You simply cannot tell anything at all from just 5 spins.

However there is certainly a valid logic in the quick in, quick out mentality. We know that losing runs can last a long time so it is worth bearing in mind that sometimes you do need to just “get out”. Perhaps head to a much lower variance slot, or just leave the casino completely and come back another time or another day. One huge mistake many players make is not recognising the losing run when it happens. Assuming a big win to recover the losses is just around the corner. Sometimes it is actually better to crank down your bet size to the lowest possible bet and wait for things to pick up. Yes you might miss out on a big win but the chances are if you stick to this as a rule of thumb then you are more likely to avoid many many big losing runs and in the long run you will be better off for this kind of discipline.

A Clockwork Orange

Just in case you missed the reference (if you haven’t seen Stanley Kubric’s masterpiece adaptation of A Clockwork Orange then dig yourself out a copy and get watching) the image on this page is from said movie, featuring Alex DeLarge and his droogs.

Alex (played by Malcolm MacDowell) is a troubled teenager in a futuristic society and one of his hobbies is “a bit of the old in out in out”. Don’t think I really need explain any more than that do I?