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Beverly Hills 90210 slot review (iSoftbet)

Online Slot MachineBeverly Hills 90210
Slot ProvideriSoftbet Casino Software
Jackpot SlotNo
Win Lines243

This online slot is definitely our guilty little secret. It is such a brilliant hidden little gem that it has inspired us to start a brand new feature for slots guide “the best online slots you have never played.”

So what is the Beverly Hills 90210 slot all about I hear you ask?

Well obviously it is based on the old tv show of the same name and features a number of the characters including those played by Sharknado (genius of a film series) star Ian Ziering, Jenny Garth, Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles (highly underrated short lived series) star Brian Austen Green, but not Friends’ Matthew Perry’s brother Luke or Shannen Doherty (presumably due to image rights issues).

What are the slots’ features?

It is a 243 way slot with a minimum spin bet of 0.50 cent/pence per spin.
There are 3 variations of the base game: 1) left to right, 2) pays both ways, 3) Transformer mode (where if you land the stopwatch on reel 3, all non picture symbols will be replaced by one randomly selected symbol (getting Brandon or Kelly here can lead to some very big wins).
Landing 3 or more scatter symbols gives you 8 or more free spins as well as a small cash prize.

The 2 Free Spins modes

Before starting free spins you can select to play as either the boys or the girls.
The Boys: randomly 0, 1, 2 or 3 full reels can be turned wild by a thrown football or two or three
The Girls: randomly 0 to 5 single wilds kisses are blown onto the screen.

Isn’t it a bit cheesy?

Of course this slot might seem a little cheesy. So much so it took us a long time before even giving it a few test spins. What would you expect from a slot based on a 90’s cheesy teen show? But if you can put aside those thoughts then it is a hell of a slot.

So why is it so great then?

Well it’s all down to how the slot pays and plays at the end of the day. And this slot is a gem! Despite it’s cheerful sunny exterior this slot can be a very cruel mistress, but when it wants to pay it can pay HUGE. We have regularly had free spins wins of 300-500 times stake with so far our best being a 650 times stake win.
The 3 different modes also add a touch of interest to the slot. Left to right mode is very standard as you would expect. But it is high variance.
Pays both ways on the other hand gives smaller wins more often. While transformer mode is perhaps the highest variance mode.

How do we play it?

Well we don’t go too large too soon with this slot as it can very quickly clear the bank balance. And we don’t change our stake very often during left to right mode. During pays both ways mode we can be a little more daring with our stake but only as far as doubling or returning to base bet level. For us it all boils down to Transformer mode. We have to be very careful as this mode can really smack you down hard and fast. But it does seem to be the biggest paying mode when the slot really wants to give out. It is also the easiest mode to keep track of due to the stopwatch feature.

Boys or Girls (Free spins)?

We always and I mean always pick the boys. Picking the girls is the safe bet with a reasonable expected return but for us we like to take the gamble on the boys as although we can sometimes come out almost empty handed, the chance of landing 3 full reels of wilds with 5 of a kind Kelly’s (it is usually Kelly when we hit it big) can pay off massive wins.

Have some cheese!

I couldn’t find a video of the slot in action so rather than make a little vid myself I thought you might enjoy this one from YouTube (if you can make it through the full video without punching yourself in the face then you are a better man than I am!!!)

Where to play the Beverly Hills 90210 online slot?

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