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Slot Variance & Slot Volatility

Slot volatility (a.k.a. slot variance) knowledge is an important tool in a professional slot players arsenal but it can be very useful for the casual player as well. We shall try and explain the concept in very basic terms:

A highly volatile slot is one which generally can play hundreds of spins without paying out much at all, but when it does pay out it can pay out huge sums. The feature bonuses on these slots can occasionally (rarely) pay hundreds or even thousands times the stake.
You either need to be very very lucky indeed on these slots or you need to have very deep pockets!

A low volatile slot is one which generally pays regular small wins and where the bonus feature might come around more often but not pay out the truly huge wins.
The low volatile slots are recommended for the casual player, for the players running low on bank balance or for players closing in on completing wagering requirements from a bonus.

On the following link you can check the volatility of hundreds of online slots from a number of platforms: Slot Volatility Data

We will also be listing the volatility of slots on some of our RTP database pages when we receive this data from the programmers.


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