Understanding Casino Withdrawal Limits

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Something that is often overlooked, but vitally important when gambling online, is to consider the withdrawal limits imposed by any given online casino. Withdrawal limits vary widely and can be affected by several different factors including the currency you play with, the casino banking options you use, where you live, and even just arbitrary numbers that the casino invents. You don’t want to wait until after you’ve scored a big win to find out that the casino’s withdrawal policies mean it will take you weeks, or even months, to get your money into your bank account from your casino account.

The truth is that it is often much easier to get funds into an online casino account than it is to get them out. This isn’t because the casinos are trying to run away with your money, though. Requirements and procedures that are set by payment processors, regulators and licensing bodies, and the banks all play a part in how the process works. With so many different possibilities and combinations, it is vital that you know how you can expect things to work before you decide to fund your account.

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Don’t Agree Without Reading The Terms

We all sign up for so many different things these days that it’s almost impossible to find anyone that’s not guilty of just checking off that little box that says, “I have read and agree…” when they haven’t read a thing and have no idea what they’re really agreeing with. Maybe that’s ok when you’re creating an account for an online forum, but it’s something you should never do when you’re creating an account for an online casino. Gambling on the games is fine, but don’t gamble with your ability to control your own money.

Signing up and making a deposit without first reading the terms and conditions could bring about some terribly ugly consequences when you want to retrieve winnings later — and it wouldn’t be the casino’s fault. If you don’t know how things work before you commit your hard-earned cash, it’s not only possible that it could take longer than you would like to get your money out, you might not be able to get your money out at all.

You should be able to find any casino’s withdrawal policies in their terms and conditions or in a dedicated banking section. If you can’t find them, you should contact their support staff and ask them where to find the information. It should be available for you to read somewhere on the casino site without the need to create or log into an account.

Why Do Online Casino Withdrawal Limits Exist?

The online casino industry will generally cite three main reasons for the existence of withdrawal limits – and we can agree or disagree with them.

Casino Financial Stability

First, a casino needs to protect its own financial stability. If a casino can’t cover the bets made by players, it’s not going to continue to be a casino for long. By setting withdrawal limits, the casino can be sure that their on-hand funds won’t suddenly run out if one or two players happen to hit wins on very large bets at the same time. By setting up a regular payout schedule that distributes payments over time, it gives the casino the opportunity to take in more regular bets, keeping everything stable, and allowing the casino to easily recover from large, sudden losses.

To Protect the Casino & Player from Fraud

The second reason is that withdrawal limits help to protect both the players and the casinos from fraud. If someone were to hack into a player account with a large balance, they wouldn’t be able to drain everything in one transaction, giving the real player and the casino some time to notice that something is wrong. In the case of the casino, if they get scammed by a player or a hacked game, they’ll have a greater chance of noticing the shenanigans and saving some money if they pay out smaller amounts over time rather than a large amount all at once.

Protection from Rash Decisions

Third, limits can help to protect players that win large amounts of money from making rash decisions that could be harmful. There have been countless stories in news outlets all over the world about contest and lottery winners who became sudden millionaires only to end up broke (or worse) just a short time later. The basic idea is that payments made over time will force a big winner to take some time and allow themselves to calm down and think before they do anything foolish with their winnings.

Red Alert: To Make you Spend your Casino Earnings

There is also one more reason that you’ll hear from players from time to time. Some players believe that casinos use low withdrawal limits to force players to keep their winnings online for longer, creating more opportunities for the player to gamble with those winning and lose some or more of it back to the casino. We’ll never really know if this is true or not. If it were, it’s probably not the sort of thing any casino is going to admit to anyway… but you can probably identify this sort of gambling sites, because they don’t last long.

Finding Favourable Withdrawal Limits

There is no single rule we can give you to say what kind of limits are good or bad, except maybe to say that ridiculously small limits like less than £2,000 per month are no good for anyone and casinos with no withdrawal limits will obviously work well for everyone.

There are some online casinos out there with no limits on how much you can take from your account at one time, but the majority do have some type of limit based amounts per day, week, or month. Whether or not any particular set of limits will work for you is going to depend a lot on your gambling style and how much money you generally play with. In general, the larger the bets you make, the higher the withdrawal limit you should be looking for.

As you are looking over the limits at any casino that you’re considering, it’s important to make sure that you read completely, don’t just skim over numbers. You want to be sure that you understand how much money can be withdrawn over a certain period of time or through which banking options. The amount you can request may be much lower with one payment method versus another or weekly and monthly limits might not match up the same.

Some Examples

For example, it’s common to see a weekly withdrawal limit of something like £4000 with a monthly limit of £12,000 that supersedes it. At first glance, you might think you could take out £16,000 per month which is what £4000 per week would work out to. You could also run into a situation where the casino will allow a £ 4000 withdrawal but the payment method you need to use will only allow them to transfer £1000 at a time.

Where you happen to reside can also have a big effect on how much money you’ll be able to withdraw and how often you can make withdrawals. Players who live in the UK and Europe usually have the most options available to them while those in Australia or the United States might see lower overall limits and a smaller selection of payment methods they can choose from.

Jackpot payouts are another specific item that you should look for in any casino’s terms. With prizes that get into hundreds of thousands or even millions of quid, you should fully expect to see some special terms regarding how these payments will be made. Jackpot payouts will generally show the biggest differences from one casino to another. Some casinos might make all payouts in one lump sum. Some might only make full payment up to a certain amount, and others might automatically schedule payments over years like some lotteries. If you’re a fan of games with progressive jackpots you should most certainly ask casino support staff about jackpot specific terms.

Choose Limits That Work For You

When you get down to it, finding a casino with withdrawal limits that are suitable for your bankroll and gambling style is completely up to you. Just make sure you’re aware of what to expect and that you understand and feel comfortable with it. I would recommend to search for online casinos with fast payouts, so you enjoy both good limits and fast processing.

The good thing about all of this is that there are plenty of online casinos to choose from. Just make sure that before you decide to fund your account and play for real money anywhere that you take your time and read the terms and conditions completely. Withdrawal limits are the only bit of important information you’re going to find.

Another important thing is the casino policy in regards to bonuses and promotions. You should always go for cashable casino bonuses, aiming for lower wagering requirements.

Cheers and Enjoy!