Progressive jackpot strategy

Professional online slot players have a number of strategies they employ to give themselves the best chance possible of bringing home the bacon.

The 1 penny / 1 cent progressive jackpot strategy:

Whilst the casinos and the slot machine designers will tell you that you have a higher chance of landing a jackpot the bigger your stake is (this is usually true), there is also the school of thought that you simply have to be in it to win it.

The strategy then is very simple, finding a progressive jackpot slot where you can select a stake of 1 penny or cent per line and where you can select to only play 1 line at a time.

A pro slot player will have more than one slot session going on at one time (we will discuss this in a different article) and on one session they will simply be auto-spinning thousands of spins at 0.01 per spin. This means they will always have a chance of hitting the jackpot whenever it drops but with minimal risk.

It is a shot in the dark strategy but it does occasionally work and the rewards are obviously enormous in the very unlikely event of a jackpot win.