Casino spam (What to expect)

Whenever you sign up with an online casino you need to make sure that you check or uncheck the boxes relevant to how much contact you want from the casino. They will usually send you emails and text messages which you can opt out of.

It is vital that you sign up with a trusted casino however as unscrupulous casinos do sell your details. We have blacklisted casinos who do this as well as casinos who are over the top with their spamming. Here are some examples of the bad spammers we have encountered:

1) Fortune Lounge Casinos: These guys are the only ones we have encountered who actually send out flyers by snail mail. They send them out even to people not holding any accounts with any of their casinos. Intertops have also now started sending snail mail out regularly.

2) Grand Parker: This casino group phone you up constantly (at least twice per week) and it seems impossible to get off their call list. As an example they called me twice on Christmas eve and once on boxing day. Very bad form. I never even held an account with them! Thankfully they have since been closed and the owners sent to prison (for other major crimes and fraud)!

3) Spam e mailers: Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day should be days for family, shopping, eating and drinking too much. Not for being hounded by online casinos. We received countless emails from these casinos over the 3 days: GrandParker, GoWild, Casino1920, Blu Casino, Vegas Nights, GrandMacao, etc. We do not hold any accounts with any of these casinos and have great difficulty in getting off their mailing lists.

4) There are some casino portal sites who gather your email addresses for their mailing lists. Don’t do it. Don’t sign up to any, you just don’t know who you can trust or not. There are some which will sell your details on to database websites, to casinos and so on and so forth. You are only one mailing list away from being bombarded by all sorts of spam and even casino portals who send emails out pretending to be from casinos. This is just not right.