Poker Streaming on Twitch & Difficult Life Decisions

So I’ll be streaming on twitch for most of the remaining days of feb.

No set sched but should be on most afternoons/evenings gmt.

A slight spanner in the works and a complete surprise.

My parents came up to see me and made the decision that they didn’t think both poker and uni could work and I needed to make a choice now (even though I wasn’t going to play in second year and both poker and uni are going well up to now).

They said they’d stop assisting me financially if I kept playing. I’ve spoken to them a lot and they feel I can make poker work but they feel uni and applying for internships is more important.

From a life ev standpoint ofc dropping poker is the best line. However I worked really hard to come from nothing to earn a respectable standing in spins. I had a dream of playing in the summer from around the world to have some experiences. Myself (and people in stable) think I can make it work too.

My dad wrote a massive letter (ik lol) to me saying how it was laughable to think I could make this work and I was naive to think I’d get anywhere, even though life ev states drop poker and crush the degree a big part of me wants to just say vamos and **** you and finish this year of poker and uni by being a life best and doing it off my own role.

I guess I really am spinning my way to new experiences, just in a bit of a different way than I thought I would.

Any thoughts/opinions would be appreciated! Dw I haven’t decided yet, I’m having multiple “sleeps” on it and will probs make a call by Friday.

Reply = Very serious life choice to be made her buddy, but honestly poker is forever changing and its getting thougher….For me, just finish uni and have something to fall back on in life if sh1t hits the fan with poker later on in life, or be a cheeky git, tell mammy and daddy you want to stick with uni and continue playing poker…..interested to hear your choice and why, goodluck

Reply = Key questions you have to ask yourself in my opinion are :

1) Can you continue to balance Poker & Uni successfully ?
2) Does them stopping financially supporting you effect your ability to comfortably get through Uni ?
3) Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years time with work & poker ? (yes i know hard to predict the future but if you have a career path in mind will that job effect your ability to grind poker in spare time)
4) Will you honestly have the same drive to success in Poker when your making a decent salary off the back of your degree?
5) Is this decision based on my happiness or someone else ? of course its good to keep the parents happy but you also need to come to a objective that fulfils your personal ambitions and happiness.

Good Luck

Reply = Tbh your parents just want whats best for you and the majority of parents would see poker as just gambling and not a proper job but if its your dream to play pro then you should explain it to them and hope they would want to help you achieve it. I dont see why you cant just continue to do both atm and if they cut your money off so be it get a part time job like all other students do! If your really good enough and your stable think so then surely you will be able to make enough on the side through poker to keep yourself going. Good luck with this

So I’ve decided to go on my own financially and play poker as my job.

I’ll be heading to some place in Europe (tbc) for 3 months to grind with someone from my stable.

Expect some regular updates grin

Exams finish 24th May, after that full time grind till uni back in Sept!