Online poker revisited

So I realised I kind of brushed over the poker summer goals.

So I’ll have some time, I’ll be working to, but I’m not gonna kid myself, I have enough time.

What is my goal for the summer?

To actually get some volume, I plan on playing a bunch of MTTSNG’s on stars 1.50 45mans 2.50 180s and maybe some 3.50 180s.
I want to get around 1k games a month which should hopefully lead to around 3kish games from around now till I go off to university in September.

“Lolol gl with that”.

I actually don’t think it’s that much volume but I’d be willing to do a prop bet that I finish the 3k games and end up in the green before I start university. Odds would be 1:1, if any of you want to place a bet that’s cool, not going to take it personally, would be cool to have some prop bet/action stuff happening on a thread here.

So I guess after I finish the games we make “an assessment” of where I’m at. Hopefully I clear make up, feel that I have a better understanding of the general structure of 180s and most important hope I enjoy it. Poker is meant to be fun and at this point I still get a lot of joy out of it so why stop.

I’m not just going to mindlessly volume whore either, I plan on sending a couple 2.50 180 HH to glenn to go over and post a lot of interesting spots in this thread.

I do plan on playing some scheduled MTTs too, mainly on Sundays and the occasional hot or big tournament here and there during the week.

Hope you guys like the sound of this!

As a side note here’s a song I’ve found recently which I enjoy listening to. Came across it on David Tuchman’s UnderTheGun podcast.

So I’m going through with the prop bet.

I made a more in depth post on 2+2 so you guys can either bet against me or take my side on there.

odds are 1.5:1 in my favour.

DanShot Wrote: So you changed the odds of the Prop Bet now ?

After review of what odds I thought people would be willing to take I feel 1.5:1 is appropriate (and fair).

I mean from my track record I haven’t been beating the games, 3k games in MTTSNGS is enough to weather a fair amount of variance so I feel the odds being 1.5:1 is standard. One person was willing to bet/reserve a lot against me at 1.5:1

Plus if you take my side it’s even better value then if you original were going to anyway.

I just want to get something out there, if you want to bet against me and just think “he’s just not gonna do it” that’s totally fine, there’s not going to be any bad blood and hatred from my side.

I’m doing this as a fun thing to get people involved as as a motivator to myself to get volume in and to find out where I stand after playing a decent sample of 45/180mans.