Poker Freerolls

So the month is over. I spent most of the month studying which imo was the max ev thing to do considering my goals for this month ahead.

I feel my game is in a good spot, my position stats are v good and whilst cev is a bit mediocre, obsessing over cev over lol samples is a waste of time. Regardless, I said I’d post graphs so here we go.

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So a small downswing at 15s skewed the cev but I don’t really care about that. The main issue was volume which I aim to fix this month by getting 2k games and supernova in the process.

I never like feeling comfortable in poker, it’s the easiest way to stagnate and not work on your game. The best thing that actually happened to me was running bad as it made my start to question everything and do a lot of studying. I made a lot of video’s and wrote articles about adjusting vs regs and I feel my poker theory for spins and overall thought process is in a much better place now.

That being said I can still work on it but many have told me I have the skills for 15s and even higher stakes currently. So what’s the goal? To get in the streets, deal with the volume, the swings, university etc.

Happy to offer 3 x $15 freerolls to the people who comment on this first. You get $15 on stars if I don’t get 2k games this month.

I think perspective is incredibly important in regards to one’s own self improvement. I have a long way to go but I can already be thankful for not running stupid amounts under cev or adjusted $, things could always be worse and I find it important to constantly reflect so overwhelming negativity doesn’t simmer underneath for prolonged periods of time.

So 72 games a day at 15s for this month, for my own peace of mind I want a 2k+ sample at 15s before I move up, some coaches have said I could just move to 30s now but 15s is a completely different game to 7s and I want to feel like I have even more things plugged so I save myself $ev in long run.

Anyway this is a huge ****ing month in my progression, this is a big make or break month, yes I can’t control the swings of potential standard deviations in cev etc but this is where I find out a lot about myself and how I can manage heavy volume alongside university. I have a bunch of tests and labs so I need to do well in those too!

I assume I’ll be posting on here far more often commenting on my mindset and mentality throughout the month.

Let’s see how this goes.

So from Friday 11pm to Saturday 11pm I’ll be doing a volume challenge vs a friend from the stable (shoutout to milan!). Without going into too much detail it’ll be whoever gets the most volume at a cev of 35 and we’ll also do a kind of xbook where the loser ships 5% of the money the winner won as well as the fee.

I find when grinding volume it’s find to mix it up and do stuff like this. I doubt I’ll play 24 hours straight but I thought would be cool to post the graph and results for that challenge!

Month play wise is going well, recently playing alright and running quite well but still need way more volume!