A Vision Of The Perfect Online Casino

Our Opinion about The Perfect Online Casino

It may or may not exist, but every gambler most certainly has his or her own vision of the perfect online casino. Most of us are more or less satisfied with one site or another, but it just seems like there is always one more thing that could make any casino just a little bit better; one more thing that would just put it over the top.

As someone who is in and out of different online casinos constantly—often several in just one day—I’d like to think that I have a pretty good idea of what makes a good gambling site and what makes a site unworthy of further attention. Having seen the inside of so many online casinos and exploring all the options that they offer to their players, I have crystal clear ideas about what makes the best of the best and what it would take to put together an online casino that would make any player happy; the perfect online casino.

In no particular order, here are the absolute must-have features that an online casino would need to offer to even be in the running for consideration as the players’ perfect casino.

Free-To-Play Casino Games

Of course, the point is to play casino for real money and have some fun, but every good online casino should give players the option to try any of their games for free. Nobody should be forced to lay down real-money bets just to see what a game is about or decide if they like it. The perfect online casino would let players browser freely through all of the games they offer and try them out with no risk.

Of course, this applies to jurisdictions where is not forbidden to play casino games without registration. Due to UKGC regulations, UK online casinos require identification before trying their games for free, even if a real money deposit is not required.

Variety Of Real-Money Casino Games

Of course, no matter what other bells and whistles a casino offers, nothing is going to be very much fun if they don’t offer any games that you like to play. It doesn’t stop there, however. What you like today may become boring in the days or weeks to come. Real variety at an online casino means regular changes, updates, and additions. A great casino not only needs to have a good selection of games today, but it also needs to be constantly and regularly adding to that selection and giving players more to explore and look forward to.

A good tip here is to try multi-platform gambling sites, meaning online casinos that offer games from multiple casino software providers. These operators offer regular updates from one company or another.

No-Deposit Bonuses

The only thing better than playing real games for free is the chance to play for free and win real money prizes. It adds a whole new level of excitement to a player’s initial experience with a casino and shows that the operator wants to make players happy—not just take their money.

You can usually find no deposit bonuses at USA online casinos and their Australian counterparts. Free offers are not so common at UK brands, so if you find one, take advantage of it remembering that free bonuses are not a way to make money. Don’t create false expectations.

Honest Welcome Bonuses

There’s nothing like a good casino welcome bonus to get the juices flowing and get you in the mood to gamble. Unfortunately, though, it’s not uncommon to see promises of a big bonus on the front page only to find out that you have to jump through hoops and sometimes even make outrageous deposits to actually collect those bonuses.

The perfect online casino will make honest offers that let players know exactly what they will get and exactly what they will have to do to get it—no smoke and mirrors. A person who just wants to have a good time gambling shouldn’t need a PhD to understand the terms of a bonus offer.

A Good Loyalty Program

The right casino isn’t going to stop paying attention to a player after they’ve made their first deposit and played a few games. A loyal player deserves a casino that will be just as loyal to them in return.

The perfect casino loyalty or VIP program will reward players for doing nothing more than what they already do. A “reward” that requires players to make a deposit or play extra games within a certain amount of time is not really a reward at all. A loyalty reward from a casino should be something instantly valuable to the player, not just another bonus that they’re required to clear in order to actually collect.

A loyalty program should also be structured fairly for everyone. Expiring points or play volume requirements to earn points are just thinly veiled schemes to get the players playing more. That’s not loyalty. The perfect casino is going to recognize that any player who keeps coming back deserves a real reward every once in a while and not some sleight of hand designed just to get more money out of their pocket.

Cashable Bonus Offers

Most players don’t realize that there are two different major types of bonuses available at online casinos. There are what are called sticky and cashable casino bonuses. It’s often difficult to tell which bonus a casino is offering without reading the bonus terms carefully.

The difference between sticky and cashable bonuses has to do with what you can collect and cash out once you’ve met all the requirements for the bonus. It’s easiest to illustrate the difference with an example.

Let’s say you have two sites offering the same basic bonus but one is sticky and the other is cashable. Both sites are offering a 100% match bonus on your deposit of £/$/€100. If you deposit £/$/€100, they’ll each give you a £/$/€100 bonus, bringing your total starting bankroll to £/$/€200. To keep numbers round and easy to follow, let’s also say that after meeting the requirements to clear the bonus at each casino you end up ahead by £/$/€100. In the end, you have a £/$/€100 deposit plus a £/$/€100 bonus, plus £/$/€100 in winnings: £/$/€300.

Sticky Bonus

Now, with a sticky bonus, you can only withdraw your original deposit plus your winnings. The £/$/€100 bonus that the casino gave you was only to play with. You can’t withdraw the actual bonus, only winnings (if any) earned while playing with the bonus. You can withdraw £/$/€200 total. Once the bonus promotion is complete, the bonus amount will also be removed from your account, so you can’t leave it on the site and continue to gamble with it either.

Cashable Bonus

With a cashable bonus, the £/$/€100 that the casino gave you to match your deposit is treated as actual cash. When you make a withdrawal, you can withdraw your original deposit, your winnings, and the £/$/€100 the casino gave you. You can withdraw £/$/€300 in total.

Obviously, if you get a bonus and you end up winning, the cashable bonus is going to give you more actual cash to either withdraw or continue playing with.

Fast Withdrawals

In some cases, such as when withdrawals must be processed through a check in the mail, a delay is unavoidable. When a withdrawal is being processed through an electronic method, however, it should be easy to make the request and the processing time should be fast.

When you ask to get the money out of your account, it should be just as easy as it was to put the money in your account. Laws in some places may require ID verification before a first withdrawal can be made, but once that process has been completed, any withdrawal request should be fast and easy for the player to initiate.

You can find the best online casinos offering fast withdrawals by visiting the correspondent section here.

High Maximum Withdrawals Limits

Another factor that contributes to the convenience of withdrawals is the maximum amount you can withdraw at one time or during a certain period of time. Even if individual withdrawal requests are processed quickly, it doesn’t do much good if you happen to score a big win and can’t have the money for days, weeks, or months because of low casino withdrawal limits.

It’s understandable that there should be some sort of reasonable limit to help protect both the casino and the player, but it has to be balanced in a way that doesn’t leave players waiting unreasonable amounts of time to retrieve their winnings.

Cryptocurrency Support

One of the absolute must-have features of a modern online casino is support for at least a few of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Every day more players all over the world express their desire to conduct financial transactions with greater ease and more privacy by using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

To be the best, an online casino will need to support cryptocurrencies as well as make it easy for players to use those crypto coins to initiate casino deposits and withdrawals. You can also find more information about bitcoin online casinos here.

Varied Deposit, Withdrawal And Banking Options

The perfect online casino will have a varied list of casino deposit and withdrawal methods available. Different players, of course, will prefer different processors, but players may also gain or lose access to different providers as time goes on. If a player normally withdraws through a method that becomes unavailable where they live, for example, they need to know that they will have other ways to get at their funds.

Some players prefer credit cards. Some prefer e-wallets, and some prefer direct bank transfers. A serious online casino needs to cover as many options as possible to make it a care-free experience for their players.

Multiple Support Channels

The only thing worse than a problem is a problem that involves money and, unfortunately, just about any problem you encounter at a casino is going to involve money in one way or another.

Customer support might just be the most critical service any casino offers. When a player has a problem with something, they need to be able to reach someone who can help them as quickly as possible and using the method they feel most comfortable with.

An online casino should never have only one way to reach support staff. At the least, an online casino should offer support through live chat and email. That is a bare minimum, though. The perfect casino is going to let you speak to someone online as well as off. Providing avenues of contact via telephone, social media, and private chat apps like WhatsApp or Telegram gives customers a sense of security. They can see that someone will be there if needed.

We wrote an article with tips about how to handle a dispute with an online casino, feel free to check it out in case you need assistance.

Legitimate Licensing

The perfect online casino will show that they are legitimate and that their games are fair by prominently displaying known and respected gambling licenses. Not just one license will do, though. The perfect casino will obtain licenses from as many jurisdictions as they can, not only to show that they have passed multiple inspections but also to allow as many people as possible to play their games legally and with confidence.

Regular Events

Even the best gaming experience needs a little extra something every once in a while just to give things a new edge and amp up the excitement a bit. There’s nothing like a casino-wide event that pits players against one another and deals out extra prizes to get the adrenaline running through your veins.

The best online casinos—and certainly the perfect online casino—will hold events regularly so that players always know there is something new on the horizon that will give them that added excitement on top of playing their regular favourites.

The perfect online casino might not yet exist, but we can certainly help you find the perfect online casino for you. Whether you are in the US, Australia, Europe, or the UK, we have lists of casinos that cater to all areas of the globe. It doesn’t matter what games you like, whether they be slots, craps, blackjack, poker, or roulette, we’ll help you find the casino with the selection to fit your particular tastes. Need a trustworthy crypto casino? Looking for one that’s USA friendly? Or maybe Aussie friendly? We have that covered too.

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Cheers and good luck at the games!