Designing an online casino

There are literally thousands of online casinos and dozens of new ones opening each and every single month. In this over crowded market then you would hope that once in a while something special and unique comes along to stand out from the crowd. But alas 99.9% of casinos are indestinguishable from each other. The same bonuses, the same generic casino template, some generic name with slots, spin, wild, jackpot, bet or something like that in the name and domain name. The same set of slot providers, the same (or no) loyalty programs, etc etc.

Us casino players can do better than that. We can come up with something special can’t we? Something unique and a casino where once a player signs up they won’t need to go anywhere else. So here is the Yes No Casino attempt to design an online casino:

The Casino Name:

We would be looking for something catchy and memorable and something everyone can spell. Depending on whether or not there are any trademark issues we could go with “Milliways”. Anyone who has read The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy knows that Milliways is “The restaurant at the end of the universe” so the theme of the casino would be Milliways: The Casino at the end of the Universe! Milliways dot com belongs to a couple using it as a personal blog with not much on there so buying that domain would be a cake walk.

I’m sure there are plenty of better unique and catchy names for a casino than this but you get the idea of what we are looking at.

The Casino Bonuses:

Online casino bonuses are a pain in the ass these days. We would actually not offer any deposit bonuses or welcome bonuses at all. You will see in the next point that our loyalty program would be what makes it interesting to join and play at our casino.

The Casino Loyalty Program:

Rather than deposit bonuses and free spins etc, and rather than crappy comp points that end up offering not very much at all, our casino would feature a set of 4 progressive jackpots. A percentage of every single deposit would contribute toward the 4 jackpots and for every €1 or currency equivelant deposited you receive 1 lottery ticket for each of the 4 jackpots.

The 4 jackpots will of course be in the range of small, medium and large with the smaller ones falling more regularly than the large ones. When a jackpot falls, the lucky winner is then drawn from all the lottery tickets for this jackpot. The idea is obviously very similar to the Playtech Age of the Gods (formerly Marvel) and DC Comics progressive jackpots. Jackpots would be wager free cash prizes.

Would you not rather have a fair chance of winning a massive jackpot rather than receiving free spins or loyalty points?

The Casino Games Selection:

With the casino progressive jackpots being there, the emphasis would also be on providing players with plenty of progressive jackpot slots. These would also be clearly marked and segregated. As for slot providers, we would not want every single game from each of our chosen providers. Instead we would be hand picking the best and most interesting from each provider. We really fail to see the need for clone upon clone of the same slots. And we have seen the stats from a few casinos and there are loads of slots that players barely ever touch. Take Microgaming for example, we could easily exclude more than two thirds of their slots because they are virtually identical to others in their portfolio. By being selective we would be offering more unique features and make games much easier to find by ridding ourselves of all the dross. Quality over quantity. And it is not just Microgaming, look at NetEnt and their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s slots. Identical. Only one of the 3 would make the cut. Twin Spin and Fantasini? Twin Spin only. We could go on and on about this but you get the point! 1,000 unique and interesting slots instead of 4,000 slots where you can’t find anything new and end up only playing your known favourites.

To split the site up and make navigation easy we would probably have one menu item for each slot provider (plus one for live dealers, scratch cards, etc). Jackpot slots section at the top of each provider page (if relevant), then the rest of the slots sortable alphabetically or by age.

Slot Providers:

Obviously first pick would have to be Playtech. They are the kings of progressive jackpot slots and are in a really rich vein of form with their new releases. NetEnt and Microgaming cannot be left out of the mix either. And of the other big boys we would have to have IGT and SG Interactive as well.

Blueprint Gaming have some truly brilliant slots so they make the cut, as do iSoftbet who have a lot of cool branded slots. ELK, Thunderkick and Quickspin are smaller up and comers who provide some great unique slots so they are in. Then we get to Play n Go and Endorphina who we would take a selection of their best slots as they do have a lot of good ones.

Finally there are a couple of much lesser known providers who have some slots well worth adding, they are Inspired and Pariplay.


I don’t think there is a single online casino with this wide variety of quality slots and progressive jackpots and done properly “Milliways” would be a complete standout casino and that is before even factoring in the massive casino progressives on offer. A top quality casino with so many slots which could win the player thousands or millions coupled with the in house jackpots.

Customer Service & Withdrawals:

I almost forgot the other most important thing, our casino would have no messy bonus terms to worry about so verification and withdrawals would be quick and painless. The player account would have full sets of responsible gambling tools and withdrawals would not be reversable. Keep it simple, keep it fair and give players what they want. Simple as that. Provide excellent service and hopefully word of mouth (and honest online casino review websites) will see a good following.

designing an online casino