Why 1 casino is better than 10

There are too many online casinos, just way, way too many! Aside from it all being highly confusing to be able to pick out a place to play and avoid all the dross and the rogues, there are a number of other good reasons why less is more when it comes to online casinos.

Casino players – Why 1 casino is better than 10

Picking out just one or two good casinos makes life much simpler for a casino player. For a start, once registered and verified you don’t need to go through all that hassle again and can happily play, deposit, withdraw without any further worries. Another advantage is knowing the rules of where you are playing, each casino has its own rules and trawling through countless terms and conditions can be a nightmare. If you know the rules regarding things like reload bonuses at your online casino then you are safe and good to go.

Another advantage of only playing at one or two casinos is the rewards system. If you are a valued customer then not only can you pick and choose which regular promotions you want to take advantage of but you may also find yourself with a personal VIP manager, get special bonuses offered only to you in your situation and if you have had a bad day or week or month, some casinos even offer you a tasty hard luck bonus. We have received hundreds in wager free cash to our casino balances and even direct to our deposit methods as a gesture of goodwill. But not only that, the higher up the loyalty ladder you go, the better your rewards (assuming you choose a casino with a good loyalty program which of course we would recommend you choose). The benefits of a good reward program is that you can also pick and choose what and when you want to cash in your loyalty points.

There really is no good reason why you should want to play at dozens of casinos (believe us, having deposited at hundreds of online casinos in order to review and approve the good ones, including a great many who make life very difficult to withdraw or verify, it is not something we would wish on any of you). For the casinos we play at for pleasure we only have a handful we regularly play at. We have Casino.com for all our Playtech needs, then there are a few other casinos which offer us the games and loyalty to give us a good variety of gambling options including Slots Million, Trada, No Bonus Casino and Redbet. But we don’t play (apart from testing) at dozens of casinos and don’t see the need to hunt down every welcome bonus under the sun when we are rewarded for playing at our favourites.

The final good reason for not playing at dozens of casinos is that the best ones generally get the new games first. Some casinos very rarely update their portfolio of games and a lot are months behind on new releases.

Casino chains – Why 1 casino is better than 10

We have added a new guide section to our website about casino owners and operators. In there we can see some casino chains own 50 or 100 casinos, one chain even have over 350 online gambling sites. We cannot see the business sense in this at all. Every single website has a lot of running costs, employee costs and of course marketing costs. These chains are assuming that players keep jumping from one casino to the next and to the next, etc. This may be true for bonus hunters but where is the value to a casino of bonus hunters? These types of players will only deposit once or twice at a casino before jumping ship to the next one. The acquisition costs alone make this an un-viable business model. We can also see that none of these casinos actually offer anything different from each other. Contrast this with a chain who runs one or two casinos only. These are companies who know they offer a good product and see the value in player retention. Offer up a good product in any industry and your customers will stick around and become loyal to you. A fitness freak doesn’t join every gym in their area do they? No, they trial a few gyms and then take up membership at the one which suits their needs the best. This business model reduces all overheads and means they can focus all marketing and other attention on one brand which has exponential benefits to both the owners and the customers. The only reason for any casino operator to have multiple brands is if each casino offers something unique.

There are of course two valid reasons for a casino chain to open multiple casinos. Firstly they can use all their affiliates and marketing partners to target one brand but then try and hijack their own players onto one of their other brands in order to avoid paying their marketing partners for the work they have done. The second and more common reason is with shitty casinos where the reputation of a casino has been tarnished so much that they just shut it down and open up another name that hopefully players do not know, whilst of course using their email database they have acquired along the way to anonymously spam a massive mailing list to try to get players to sign up to this new casino. Of course the down side to these tactics is that honest and knowledgeable affiliates and marketing partners will not work with the companies in question, so again these companies are still shooting themselves in the foot!

Casino industry – Why 1 casino is better than 10

With regards to the online casino industry as a whole, things have become rather a self fulfilling prophecy of late. Because there are more and more weak or rogue brands popping up all the time, the good brands are losing their market share and having to work harder and harder to try and attract players. Some decent brands are closing down because they cannot afford to provide the quality service anymore in the face of the thousands of cheap clip joints. Some once quality brands are going rogue (think of Luck and Next being recent high profile casinos who overnight went from great to blacklisted) and then there are mergers and acquisitions all the time where unique individual brands are bought up by the giants of the industry to simply become just another number. And then of course we should not forget the super affiliates… there are less and less honest casino review websites online because the giant media corporations are spending hundreds of millions of pounds buying out little review websites (we have had offers to buy our website but we do not wish to sell out as we started this website to provide you guys with open and honest information). These media corporations own more than 50% of the slots and casino sites you will ever have visited and they hold the casinos to ransom, whoever pays the most gets the best ratings and the most visible positions on their sites. But not to be out done o course, now the casino chains themselves are buying up casino portals and these now account for another 45% of the casino and slots sites you will ever visit. How this doesn’t break European Union laws I do not know (I say EU because the worst perpetrators are two giant European casino chains).

To cut a long story short though (I got a bit side tracked again), the landscape in the online casino industry is toxic. There are too many casinos and the marketing power of the casino giants is too much, whilst the media giants are black mailing the casinos too much. All of which means smaller operators have to come up with sneaky tricks to try and gain a foothold and many open up half a dozen casinos at a time, thus continuing the cycle.

Our advice

  • Casino players, learn who you can trust and stick to playing at one or two reputable casinos where your loyalty will be rewarded.
  • Bonus hunters, don’t bother being a bonus whore as you will end up losing out in the long run. Whoring bonuses doesn’t work and it never did.
  • Casino operators, stop this madness and focus on building one good brand and you will be rewarded for this. Take a leaf out of some other chains who have since 2016 actually been downsizing their operations from a dozen casinos down to just two or three. They are seeing these business decisions actually making their company much stronger.
  • Casino reviewers, please stop promoting rogues and stop spamming bonuses and lies. Let us all be honest and let’s allow the cream to rise to the top of the casino landscape and let us put the rogues and the cheat crap out of business.
  • Casino media giant corporations, the same as the above but also stop charging so much money to the casinos that they are having to cut corners everywhere. And stop buying every bloody casino or slot site that ever pops up on Google’s radar. We need individual voices, originality and honesty rather than generic drivel written by cheap non native speakers!

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