Wake up Microgaming it’s 2017

As you know, here at Yes No Casino we demand the best. We demand the best online casinos and we demand the best online slots. Sloppiness, laziness, cheating and lack of creativity will feel our wrath!

Microgaming, dear old once great Microgaming. What have you been doing? What has been going wrong? You used to be the best, you used to be the top of the pile, the gaming company everyone was trying to emulate. Now you find yourselves well down the pecking order. Is it complacency? Bad management? Lack of creative spark? Whatever it is your not having your finger on the pulse has seen a rapid decline.

Microgaming mobile slots

It is 2017 now folks, half of all online casino gaming is now done on mobile devices, phones, tablets. Why then are your Microgaming mobile slots still using an interface from the 90’s? Your mobile slots are not user friendly at all. You can’t even play in full screen mode for goodness sake. I don’t have to talk about the big boys in this industry… every slot manufacturer, even the start-ups, even the tiny ones, even those whose slots are super basic, every single one has a better mobile interface than the Microgaming mobile slots interface. This is shocking, appalling, a complete disgrace. Wake up, hire some mobile programmers or buy a small but up and coming slot maker. Do something and get your games mobile friendly. This should have been your number one priority over the last 2 or 3 years. Not spending all your time bringing out clone after clone after clone of your old games.

Clone Microgaming slots

And so we come to our second major gripe about Microgaming slots. For every brand new slot you bring out we see a dozen clones brought out. Most of them are clones (ooh 15 free spins with a times 3 multiplier… not seen that before) or virtual clones (Tarzan = Bridesmaids) of your existing slot catalogue or you bring out ten different versions of a new slot. You even had the cheek to make an identical copy of NetEnt’s famous Gonzo’s Quest. Jeez we thought you were better than that.

Yayyyy I have about 1,000 different Microgaming slots I can choose from to play… but actually there’s only about 20 different games in all. You don’t see the problem in this? There’s quality in your portfolio, there’s some brilliant games in your collection. But how are we supposed to find them if we have to trawl through all the pointless crap?

Immortal Romance Mobile

Immortal Romance has to be the single most popular Microgaming slot title out there. So why did it take so long to bring out the mobile version? And if it was going to take so long, why so half arsed? This was the prime opportunity for you to launch a new Microgaming mobile slot platform. Have a huge fan-fare about it. Show us you mean business, show us you want to get back to the top. But no, you missed the opportunity. If ever there was a sign of a company’s direction then this was it. I can see Microgaming going down in the annuls of history as a once great market leading company that lost their way, had no vision, could not keep up and eventually got bought out by a new up and comer for a 100th of their peak stock price. Assets stripped apart and swallowed up into a new company who know how to keep up the pace.

Prove us wrong

The gauntlet has been thrown down Microgaming. What are you going to do?

Update: Microgaming finally have started releasing some of their newest Microgaming slots on a fully mobile friendly platform.

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