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Our online slots guide brings you the very best online casino reviews, gambling news, interviews and special articles as well as the best bonuses from honest and reputable casinos. You want slot machine strategy? We have tried out every strategy in the book and recorded our findings! We love slots and hope we can help you on your way to a safe and enjoyable time at a trustworthy and reputable online casino. We have also provided an extensive gambling addiction help section where aside from gambling addiction stories, we have gathered together hundreds of gambling addiction help resources from around the globe…

15 Of The Best Online Casino Bonuses:

We have dedicated pages for NetEnt casino, Playtech casino, RTG casino, Rival casino and the like so in this little section we are just going to list some of our favourite casino bonuses from a number of the top software platforms. A nice mix of casinos and a good selection of deposit and no deposit bonus.

Featured Articles:

Aside from online casino reviews and online slots reviews we do enjoy researching and writing special features and articles. We are adding new stuff all the time, here are some of our more popular articles:

Featured Online Slot Machines:

There’s not much we enjoy more than finding exciting new online slots to play. Not all are equally great though so we will be reviewing not only the best online slots but also a lot of crappy ones too.

Featured Interviews:

We don’t want the Yes No Casino team to be the only voices you hear on this website. Which is why we are tracking down interesting stories and people to interview who can bring fresh insights into the online casino game.

8 Simple Rules for Selecting an Online Casino:

Choosing an online casino isn’t as easy as it seems, you should not just randomly sign up just because of a particular online casino bonus or because Joe Bloggs recommended them in their online casino reviews. Do you research and follow out 8 Simple Rules!

Welcome to Yes No Casino:

We are an independent online casino guide featuring only trusted online casino reviews and online casino bonuses. We also provide honest online slots reviews, slots strategies, casino strategies and review the cheats, tips and myths to be found about online gambling. We are also working very hard on creating a brand new dedicated section on this site providing useful resources for problem gamblers.

Yes No Casino is run by online casino players for online casino players. We have full time jobs away from this site so we don’t need to sell you any bullshit and if we don’t like something we won’t be shy in telling you about it! We are providing you this site because it is our hobby and our passion. We know how much dangerous misinformation there is out there about online casinos so we want to put things straight. Our day jobs involve helping to catch and prosecute (among others) cyber criminal gangs so we will not put up with rogue casino operators under any circumstances.

Online Casino Reviews:

We take a great deal of time researching any casino we review on Yes No Casino. We will also sign up to the casinos, test out their customer service, the layout of the site, how smoothly the casino runs. We will then test out their bonuses by depositing and playing as well as testing the withdrawal and verification system. This is the only true way to properly do online casino reviews. We are currently nearing completion of our website redesign and the next stage will be to completely re-review all the online casinos featured on the site.

Online Slot Machines:

We also definitely do not want to do anything generic with our online slots reviews. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can copy and paste the description of a slot but that doesn’t really get you anywhere. We like to really give the slots a good hard play so we can advise you not just if it is worth playing, but also what to expect and how best to play them. We will play a good couple of thousand spins in demo mode to really get the feel of the slots and then test our findings out in real money mode just to make absolutely sure the slots run as they should. Every now and then we even discover a sneaky little tip which can really improve your odds. And of course do not forget our Return To Player database which as far as we can tell is already the biggest such database on the planet!

The Best NetEnt Casinos:

NetEnt are a Swedish software company who have rapidly taken a real hold on the online slot machine market. You can’t move these days without running into a Net Entertainment slot or two. We will list the very best NetEnt casinos.

The Best Microgaming Casinos:

Microgaming were once upon a time the undoubted market leaders in the online slot games industry. More recently they have been upstaged by NetEnt but they can still come out with a world beater like Jurassic Park or Hot as Hades. But with the advent of multi-platform casinos and multi-platform providers like Nyx, Playtech, Odobo and the like, Microgaming have wisely joined the bandwagon and are now partnering with slot makers like Genesis Gaming, Rabcat and more recently Playson and Quickspin to release their casino games under the hood of their Quickfire online gaming platform.

The Best Playtech Casinos:

Playtech are coming back with a bang in 2016 and that is a something we are delighted to see. We have been acting as independent strategic advisors to Playtech for some time now and it is great to see them taking some of our points on board. Not only have they brought out the excellent Age of the Gods series of jackpot slots but they have also been working their magic with The Flintstones, Ace Ventura, Superman and many more. 2016 is a huge year for Playtech.

The Best No Deposit Bonuses:

I’ll be honest, I don’t much bother with no deposit bonuses and have actually never cashed out a win from one. Nevertheless I must be in the minority as our no deposit casino bonus page is one of the most popular on this website. We will continue to keep our no deposit bonuses up to date and even arrange exclusive deals with some of the casinos we work with.

How Online Casinos Work:

We know how confusing the online casino game is, we have all been there at some point when we first started out playing so to help you out we have done a bucket load of research and testing so that we can hopefully answer all your questions. If you have any questions left unanswered then just get in touch and we’ll go right ahead and do the research for you!
We have also (and will continue to do so) been interviewing key personnel within different aspects of the online gambling industry. These interviews are proving very popular and informative with our readers.

Casino Strategies & Slot Cheats

Searching the internet you will come across lots of different casino cheats, strategies, tips and slot machine cheats. We have saved you the trouble by trawling the net and reviewing all the strategies and cheats we have seen and letting you know which ones work, which ones don’t work and which ones were completely fabricated just to try and con you of your hard earned cash. We have also added a few little casino tips and tricks and slot machine strategies of our own.

eSports Betting

You may not be aware of it yet but eSports are absolutely massive and the eSports betting scene is one of the fastest growing sectors of the online gambling industry. We have written a full in depth introduction for you here: eSports betting

Gambling Addiction Help:

We understand very well how damaging any form of addiction can be, gambling included. We strongly feel that every single online gambling portal should do their utmost best to promote responsible gambling. For this reason we have a dedicated section on this site about gambling addiction which we will continue to add to and improve upon. We will be digging out the most shocking and most interesting gambling addiction stories we can find as well as providing a huge database of gambling addiction help centres from all around the world. We appreciate all the help we have also been getting from you in order to keep this database as up to date and inclusive as possible!

Adblock & Adblock Plus users:

To make full use of your favourite online casino review websites you will need to select the option to disable Adblock for the particular website you want to view. For example if you enjoy Yes No Casino then select the Adblock option “Disable on”.


We do not currently have a mailing list as we are debating the ethical implications. We get so frustrated by the spam we receive and we are sure you feel the same way. Sending out a single monthly newsletter featuring interesting news and articles is ok by us but the worst offenders send out a dozen weekly emails or an email for every language. The absolute worst are the portals who buy email databases and spam emails pretending to be from somebody else. A recent one for example calls themselves GWild thus pretending to be GoWild. Evil. We have actually been offered seriously massive email databases by people on Facebook and by email… please stop offering us this crap. We don’t want it and never will.

As far as advertising goes we are also against the aggressive approach advertising on random non gambling sites. If you google a gambling term then you know what you are getting into but away from that is a no go for us. We include things like Will Hills sponsoring the darts world championship or bet365 sponsoring Stoke City to name but a couple of so so many. The governments need to do so much more, thankfully the UK Gambling Commission is trying to crack down but they really do have their work cut out for them.

Finally on our social media accounts we will rarely directly link to an online casino. We always recommend you do your research before signing up to any casino.

Online Casino Real Money Slots vs Free Online Slots:

One thing I do want to add to the homepage here is that whenever playing an online slot which is new to you, we always recommend you testing the slot out in demo / free slots mode rather than jumping straight into real money slots mode. I have been there and done that, found a good looking new slot and pumped good money after bad into it not realising how high variance it was and lost a bucket load of cash when I should have been playing conservatively.

Online Casino Ratings:

As with our online casino reviews, we don’t do anything generic with our online casino ratings. We don’t just pluck some random numbers out of the air and we don’t just give every single casino a 4 out of 5 star rating. Keeping it simple but effective, our ratings system goes from Platinum all the way down to Blacklisted. We always welcome your feedback on our ratings system.

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We value your opinions and input. If you have any comments regarding any of our articles, if you agree or disagree with any of our reviews, if you have additions you want to make to any of our pages, or if you have anything else you would like to say then feel free to use the comments boxes which you can find at the foot of every page. We have also added a few user polls where you can cast your votes on certain topics. We are also available via email or (more limited) via Skype, addresses can be found on the Contacts page.

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Do you have a passion for online gambling and want to write about it? Do you want to create real, honest, impartial and interesting articles or reviews? Do you think you have what it takes to write for Yes No Casino? Then please get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you. You can find our contact information on the Contact page.

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