Big 5 Safari Nektan slot review

I tried, I really tried. I have given Nektan every benefit of the doubt that I can but I just cannot shy away from the fact that everything they produce is just a little bit pants! Their casinos are all blacklisted and they have had the honour of their Best of British slot being named the worst online slot I have played in 2016.

I wanted to give them another shot. Let them redeem themselves with their most popular slot (allegedly) Big 5 Safari. But once again I was to be left cursing myself for putting myself through the torture of playing one of their games.

Let me start by saying how confused I was with their so called sticky wild symbol. For the life of me I couldn’t work out why it wasn’t working. No matter the combination the sticky wilds were not acting as a wild symbol. I checked the help file in the menu but that was about as useful as a chocolate teapot. It tells us nothing. I wondered maybe the sticky wild had to be on the 1st reel? But that never spun in. Or maybe it is there for the free spins round? But no again.

Eventually the purpose was revealed… after 300 painful clicks (there is no autoplay and you cannot click away the win animations). Finally the sticky wild icon spun in on reels 2, 3 and 4. And that started a sticky wild free spin feature with a sticky wild on reel 1 for 1 spin, reel 3 for 2 spins and reel 5 for 3 spins and for some reason 4 free spins in total. Phew! Ok the slot did throw up a 150 times bet win from that feature but not before the slot had crashed and had to be reloaded (it seems to crash every time you land one of the feature bonuses).

The other bonuses, free spins is just a bog standard free spins round with no frills and a completely randomly generated number of free spins. And the pick em bonus round you have to click on the screen (presumably on some animations but these were all missing and replaced with the good old internet X icon for missing image). All fine and dandy if it worked properly.

All in all this is less mind numbingly tiresome than Best of British but it is far more confusing, full of bugs and the maths is very basic once again. Clearly developed and programmed by a sloppy and amateurish team or simply one that doesn’t really care. Knowing Nektan I’d probably plump for the latter.

Once again all I can say is steer well clear of anything with the Nektan name on it. I don’t trust them as far as I can spit.


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