3 Big Wins Stories

Name: Robert H.

Amount Won: $47,935.20

Game: Perfect Planet

Congratulations to Robert who won a whopping stack of cash on February 4th.

Read Robert’s comments on his stroke of luck:

What do you do for a living?

I’m a Plumber.

How did he come to William Hill Casino Club ?

I came through the affiliate (Contender) and they said that William Hill Casino Club was the best online casino, then I joined up.

Have you ever won before with us?

Yes, but last time it was about 7k.

Did you ever imagine that you would win the amount you won?

My favorite game is Diamond Valley $1.

Do you have a lucky charm?

Yes, I have a little rabbit bear that I’ve had since I was born which brings me good luck.

How do you plan to spend the winnings?

I have my wedding anniversary coming up and so I’d like do something special for that.


Name: Adele P.

Amount Won: $31,473.64

Game: Diamond Valley

Congratulations to Adele who won an impressive amount by playing her favourite game on May 2nd.

Here’s what she had to say…

I have been playing at Hills Casino now for a few months. My favorite games are the slots, especially the progressive ones and I love Diamond Valley the most. Of course I do, I won the most playing at it.

When I saw what I had won, I was stunned, my heart was beating out of my chest and I was hysterical crying. This was my first big win.

Now I plan to invest my winnings where they will produce some income and maybe I will go on a little vacation, I haven’t been away in a very long time.

I have three lucky charms and they are my little dogs; Teddy, Angel and Busta. I keep them by my side when I play.

I just want to tell all other players to continue playing at Hills Casino. The machines are great and the people you speak with are always willing to help.

Thank you William Hill Casino Club and thank you Diamond Valley; this winning is a real blessing!

spin 2 million slot

Name: Kim O.

Amount Won: $984,232.66

Game: Spin $2 Million

Congratulations to Kim who won an absolutely massive amount playing Spin $2 Million on Dec 11th.

Here’s what Kim had to say about his life-changing win…

How did you react when you realized that you are a BIG winner?

I was totally in shock; I couldn’t believe that I won. I was so happy. I called my boss at 9PM to inform him about the great news. I asked him if I could get the day off to celebrate (and I got it).

Where were you playing when your lucky moment struck? (Home? Work?…)

It was really one of my luckiest days of my life! I was playing at home with my family around.

Who have you shared this exciting news with and what did they have to say?

I have told the news to almost all my friends and family. They were all very happy for me.

Did you ever imagine that you would win the amount you won?

I did dream of it, I did believe in winning one day but to be honest I never dreamt about winning so much money. I almost gave up hope but then I had my lucky day and won.

Was it a lucky charm that brought Lady Luck to you?

I think it was fate that brought the big winnings to me. I did have my family around while winning so I think they are my lucky charm.

How do you plan to enjoy your winnings? …An exotic trip or huge shopping spree?

I think we will go on a nice trip, to a warm country. It’s winter right now in Denmark so it’s very cold and I love warm weather and the beach.

Do you have any tips or advise for William Hill Casino Club players?

Take care of your family and friends. Don’t play with money you don’t have so you don’t get in any trouble. Live your life to the fullest, because you can’t turn back time. Even money can’t do that. Enjoy your games and don’t give up hope.