No deposit big winner at the worlds premier Playtech casino!

Press release:

Lucky Katherine from the United Kindgom this week walked away with a cool £1,200 from without ever having even made a deposit! How did she do this you are asking yourselves? Well the lucky lady received some no deposit free spins when she registered at the casino and proceeded to land a big win on the new Playtech DC Jackpot Slots. After clearing wagering requirements she walked away with a very tasty sum of winnings.

Due to new UK Gambling Commission rules we cannot go into too much detail about bonuses and such as the laws are being screwed tight thanks to what Donald Trump would term “fake news stories” (unfortunately some marketing companies have been spreading false “advertorials” around the internet – namely adverts for casinos and bookmakers which look like news articles but are in fact completely made up and in some cases in very very poor taste about debt ridden individuals or persons supposedly on their death bed). Absolutely inexcusable.

But back to briefly to say they have just added NetEnt games to their portfolio which is excellent news. And in other news another lucky player here scooped a record win on Age of the Gods Roulette: player sets new record with $793k jackpot win

Congratulations to one of our lucky players, dvdmand, who recently won a GIANT $793,040.27 on Live Age of the Gods: Roulette!

Here’s what he had to say about this epic win:

“I was crying when I saw the big jackpot amount hit my account, I was in shock. I have 3 children and this jackpot will change my life – I’m so happy!”

This win sets two new records at! For starters, it’s now our largest Live Casino win on mobile, AND it’s the largest Age of the Gods: Roulette jackpot win ever!