The big win screenshot cheat

Ok you will not believe this cheat that some people try to con the casinos. Seriously, how stupid do they think the casinos are? Do they not think there are records of every single thing that your player account does? At many casinos you can see every single spin you have ever made, the bet size and the win or loss amount. Even your bank balance before and after the spin occurred. Never the less…

The big win screenshot cheat:

This one is a very simple and naive attempt at conning an online casino. A player makes a few screenshots of a slot, Photoshops them together and emails the casino claiming they were not paid out a big win. Some players scour google trying to find other players’ big win screenshots and sends them in.

Needless to say this will result in account closure (and you will probably be humiliated behind your back by the customer service agents who will think you are a complete numpty).

You would think that people know the casinos are not stupid enough to fall for such a scam but from what we have heard from casino staff there are still people trying this on all the time! Yep, really!!!