Bogus slot videos

If you ever search for slots, online slots, online casinos, etc on YouTube then you will no doubt have seen thousands of videos either showing big wins, showing strategies and that sort of thing.

Now these are not so much scams but we’ve listed this article in the scam section as it doesn’t really fit anywhere else.

The main problem with these videos is that 99% of them have been made on Guest mode, Free money mode, Trial mode, etc. So already we do not know how many times the video makers made the video before hitting a big win.

There are also strategies and tutorials advising stakes of $20 or $50. We will repeat ourselves once again and say that no honest casino advice site should ever be advising playing with such high stakes. They are giving the impression that these kinds of stakes are the norm. If you want to lose your house then by all means start playing at $50 per spin but no professional slot player has a normal stake size this size.

We have also seen numerous tutorials that neglect the stake when spinning in a win, for example a $10 stake returning a $2 win and the narrator saying they have won $2 where in actual fact they lost $8 on that spin. This is something that really bugs us, how can you take a guide seriously when they purposefully mislead you with something so basic.

And finally there are the big win videos. Many of them are videos long enough for you to see them lose lets say €400 before landing a €200 big win. That’s not very good business in our book. The other sort of videos we noticed are ones playing at very high stakes so the big win looks very impressive but in actual fact it is a pretty bog standard average win when taken down to real life stake sizes.


Forget YouTube apart from for checking out a slots game-play. But you are far better off playing the slots in demo mode for yourself. You will learn far more experimenting for yourself.