Bonus Parking

Here is the big one, and one which we deliberated long and hard about including on this website. After much consideration we have decided to include it but with warnings not to use it as a cheat. You will see this cheat listed on other websites so we feel it prudent that at least one website spells out the dangers.

The theory

Quite simply you play a slot until you hit the bonus round, feature or free spins. You immediately exit said slot and save that win for a rainy day (make a note of the slot so you don’t forget). Carry on to the next slot and repeat the process.


First of all this does not work on most online casino websites. All Playtech casinos for instance will return you to the slot where the feature is waiting (though if you are playing on a mobile Playtech casino you can use this tactic).

The benefits of this system are that you can stack up the potential big wins until you need them. Or it is a way of managing your bankroll (easily seeing how much return you get on a certain level of expenditure). Alternatively some players save the bonuses and cash them when they feel the casino is “running hot” to try and maximise their bonus winnings.

Cheating WR?

Some players of course use this system as a way around the wagering requirements. If you receive a large deposit bonus % you play the slots, stack up your bonus wins and play your balance down to zero. The wagering requirements are gone and all the winnings are yours.

Again, this doesn’t work at most casinos as the software is so sophisticated enough. It knows that you still have wins pending and will not close your bonus. However, we have seen this work at some casinos. We are not going to list these casinos however as we do not advocate cheating.

Our Warning

Bonus parking can be seen as either a strategy or a cheat.

As a strategy it is a matter of personal preference, we do not bother with it but we know of some gamers who like having a number of wins stacked up for them.

As a cheat we do not recommend it as you will risk the casino confiscating your entire bank balance and closing your account (for abusing the terms and conditions).

Please do not use this strategy to close out your wagering requirements because you lose all of your bank balance.

Update: Casinos have started cottoning on to this strategy – both technologically and by adding special T&C rules.