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Casino Cheat Review: Buy the book

There are lots of books, cds, cdroms and ebooks out there in the world that claim to be written by professional slot players or slot machine designers. They claim to have all the secrets so you can win all the time and beat the system.

Do not waste your time and money. These guys do know how to make money gambling: Write a book about it and hope some suckers buy it!

Save your money. If anyone ever develops a foolproof system to win big all the time,

1) the casinos and software developers will cotton on to it,

2) they will have earned so much money gambling that the last thing on their minds will be to write a book!

Sadly there must be a lot of suckers who really do believe that just because somebody has written a book, it makes then an authority. I know back before the internet became commonplace, you would see little adverts for these kinds of books in the back of cheap newspapers or in magazines like Viz, etc. There may have been the odd snipped of truth in these books as they were about land based fruit machines where there are little tricks like holding down the cancel button to slow things down or to hold twice then let spin for a guaranteed win. But these days there is absolutely nothing you can find in one of these books and you will just be paying for an expensive paperweight.

There are guys on Youtube and guys who have their own website who also claim to be ex slot machine programmers and are willing to share their secrets on their website or via ebooks or downloads. Once again these guys are just crooks and frauds. Any employee privy to actual factual information about the inner workings on slot machines has to sign a confidentiality agreement. The secrets in their programming are highly guarded and not available to the outside world and these guys would be fined far more than they could ever earn if they shared the secrets.