Credit Card Fraud

There are a couple of ways in which players try to defraud the casinos using credit cards.

1) Using fake or stolen credit cards
This is obviously a no brainer. This is credit card fraud and you will end up in jail.

2) Credit card charge-back
There are some unscrupulous players who will make a large deposit from their own credit card, if they win they cash out but if they lose they will try and have the credit card company charge-back claiming a false transaction of that their card had been stolen.
Let’s get this one clear, both the casinos and the major credit card companies are fully aware of this scam and 99.9% of all these attempts will be seen through and rejected.
Again we class this in the fraud category and strongly urge you not to even consider this. You won’t succeed and you will be passed round the casino players blacklist (yes there are databases the casinos use and share containing fraudulent players).

You have got to see an online casino as any other legitimate business in that you try and steal from them, you will likely end up in deep poop!