The “How to beat the casino” cheat

Here’s another classic casino cheat that many casino portals are listing. They will give a long explanation about why casino cheats or slot cheats do not work. And then tell you “there is only one big secret to beating the casino, and that is by taking advantage of the casino bonuses we have selected on our website”.

Obviously this is a little bit misleading. This is encouraging full reliance on casino bonuses. But there is a growing feeling within the industry that the current casino bonus model is flawed (which I will go into more detail on later). Personally I only rarely actually use a casino bonus. I don’t personally have an issue with high wagering requirements as I will know within the first 10-20% of wagering whether or not I’m going to blow out or whether I’ll get a good profit. And the wagering requirements are only there as a cash out point for me, when I am winning. I don’t mind disciplined grinding and that’s what it takes to beat the casino bonus. But most of the time I’ll just play at my favourite handful of casinos without a bonus so I can cash out at any point and am not ties to a maximum spin stake.

Online casino bonus – The flaws

The casino bonus system is “flawed” due to the the often overly high wagering requirements, due to the strict rules in place about bet size, due to some games being barred and due to some casinos being overly harsh in enforcing vague “bonus abuse” rules to confiscate winnings.

Online casino bonus – The history

The reason for the current stringent rules is due to massive amounts of abuse of the old system in the early 2000’s. The play-through rules were much lower back in those days and players would sign up to every casino they could find, play ultra low risk strategy to run through the wagering and be pretty much guaranteed to cash out a profit every time. Obviously the casinos took a big hit on this and things had to change.

The future of the online casino bonus

There is much debate about what can be done to improve the casino bonus system, to make it fair to both casino and player. There are also a number of casinos who are trying different things out, trying to find a top new casino bonus system:

21 Prive Casino & G’Day Casino

21 Prive and G’Day both offer a 100% match welcome bonus up to infinity. So in theory you can deposit ten million quid and they’ll match it.

No Bonus Casino

No bonus casino doesn’t offer a welcome bonus. Instead they offer wager free cashback on all losses, all the time, to quote them:

“No Bonus Casino which does exactly what it says on the tin:
You always play with your own money and if you are not lucky enough to win a cashback of 10% is coming up. Currently we are building the “My Cashback” system that enables you to redeem your cashback when you prefer while at this moment the cashback are credited every morning between 10AM and 12PM (CET). We believe that by giving the customer more control over their cashback this will increase the quality of our primary service.

Next to Net Ent you can play Amatic games – might be lesser known for you but Amatic used to be focussed on landbased casinos and recently made the transision to online. The games are very popular in Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe, Russia and South America. But our portfolio will expand very soon. All Amatic games have a fixed RTP of 96% and the majority of the games are high variance.

The loyalty program basically adds another 1% in cashback. This doesnt sound like a lot but every now and than we increase the amounts of points you receive upon a deposit by x10.

Withdrawals are processed every morning from Monday to Friday.

The reason why we have launched No Bonus Casino is because we believe there is an increasing demand for casinos that focus on cashbacks and who offer a user friendly interface and great service. Players all over the world have been and are punished by complicated bonus terms and conditions or they just dont view a bonus as something positive due to wagering requirements. The majority of the online casinos (visible for a player from the outside) offer these kind of players no bonuses or compensations. We do, with always 10% cashback.

Personally I’m a player who does not play with bonuses. That is also the reason why I believe No Bonus Casino is such a great product. It’s very unfortunate that due to a massive player base of abusers in the online casino landscape, the casinos had to implement terms and conditions to protect themselves from these kind of players. The regular player is getting punished for this and that is very sad.

It’s not only due to the players but also due to the market that has become extremely competitive. New casinos are launched almost every day and as a result the player value for an individual online casino will decrease heavily. Therefore the gross margin becomes less and as a casino you prefer to receive as much money as possible and as less money going out. Terms and conditions that a casino can apply towards an individual account enables them to let the gross margin grow.

It’s a competitive market and at the moment this doesn’t improve the quality of the services provided by online casinos. I’m confident that regulations and sites like CM, POGG, Slots Guide and AG will improve the quality of the online casinos in the longrun.

Towards the future I’m sure that the welcome bonuses will remain as an incentive for new players. But regular promotions will decrease and the comps will be used towards the most loyal players.”

Kaboo Casino & Super Lenny Casino & Thrills Casino

These three casinos offer a welcome bonus with a deposit match which have wagering requirements attached but they also give out free spins on the welcome bonus and other free spins bonuses which have Zero wagering attached to the winnings. This is definitely a step in the right direction!

Yako Casino

Yako casino means “your casino” in Swahili and their motto is “have it your way”. They offer you a choice of three different welcome bonuses so you can choose the one which suits you best. And they keep tweaking these bonuses, trying to find the very best options for you.

7Red Casino

7 Red have gone a completely different way with their bonus. Their bonus is “sticky” meaning the bonus itself cannot be cashed out. However their bonuses have Zero wagering requirements meaning they really are the ultimate in second chances. If you win you keep can withdraw at any time. But if you lose your deposit then you are free to play with the bonus as a second chance. Anything you win with this you can withdraw at any point.


Casino bonuses are here to stay and I think most casinos are not going to change things around quickly. There is a lot of money on the line and they have been burned once. But who knows, trends do occur and maybe the cashback bonus is the model that will eventually pick up the traction to become the norm?