Max coins, max value, max stake

You must play with max coins or highest stake

This is something that we have seen on countless websites providing online slot guides and strategies. Most of the sites mention it for playing progressive jackpots where you have to bet the maximum to stand a chance of landing the jackpot, however there are some sites claim you should ALWAYS play at the highest stake possible. Alleged professional slot players for example are spouting this advice… Dangerous advice to give.

For a start the maximum stake you can make on a slot machine can be anything from €100 to €2000, sometimes even more. Who in their right mind bets at a grand per spin?

Many progressive jackpot slots do have a minimum stake value for you to be eligible for the jackpot but this minimum stake is usually as low as 10 or 25 pennies or cents. We have won a good number of progressive jackpots between us (not the big ones I’m afraid, just a few hundred or a few thousand) and our stakes on our jackpot winning spins have been mainly €0.25 or €0.50 with a couple coming from stakes between €1.00 and €2.50. It is best to accept the philosophy that if you are destined to land a progressive then it will happen no matter what your stake is.

Play Progressives

Recently we have also come across some online slot tips claiming you should always play progressive jackpot slots… because on top of the house edge you have a chance to win millions. What these tips forget to mention is that you lose a chunk of your RTP to pay for the progressive jackpot. Sometimes it is a very minimal amount (under 1%) but sometimes it can be huge. We have seen instances where the RTP of a non-jackpot slot is around 96% whereas at the exact same casino the exact same slot but with a progressive has an RTP of just 88%. So please be very careful before playing slots and check your house edge properly!

To summarise, ignore what anyone tells you about stake size or what slots to play. Do your own research, check our RTP guides, practice play before you play for real and above all have fun. By all means play a progressive jackpot slot every now and then but check their pay tables and rules before starting.