New casino players get a higher win %

If you have found this blog then you are likely also to have visited other websites proclaiming to have the slot cheats or slot tips to break the bank. We have tried out a lot of these tips so that you don’t have to.

New casino players get a higher win %

We can see the logic behind this thinking, an online casino welcomes you with open arms, throws a few decent wins at you before turning the screw. You have had some wins so think that if you pump more deposits in, you will get those lovely wins again.

We can also see the logic in some websites advertising this as a cheat/hint/tip. They are overcrowded with banners and ads and some readers will try casino after casino after casino and the website will hope to get a few referral bonuses along the way.

How we tested

Once again we have done extensive testing for you. We have opened accounts on numerous different online (reputable and licensed) casinos and have deposited a standard deposit (€100) on each, for some we have accepted the welcome bonus and for some we have declined the bonus.

In each scenario we have selected to play various different slots but always at the exact same low spin value (€0.25) so that we get plenty of spins to generate a realistic picture. We keep track of how many spins we make (autoplay 99 or 100 spins at a time) and crunch the numbers in an excel sheet.

Our conclusions

We found no statistical proof that new accounts play any differently to old accounts. We would therefore encourage you to ignore this notion because it can be very expensive assuming something which is not true.

Some accounts did of course show up a good profit, but for every winning account there were a few losing accounts. The worst performing new account we had, had a RTP of only 50% which saw it burn through the deposit plus bonus in next to no time.

An Explanation

Every week there are thousands of new players on online casinos. Most players will lose their first deposit and never return to a casino. We will never hear back from these players. But a small percentage will have a big win from their first deposit. These are likely the players who will shout about it and the players who are going to return to try and repeat their feat.

There is also the fact that a new player is also likely to be more cautious and not really know what they are doing. The danger for experienced slot players is that they chase too big and blow their bank balance very quickly. A newbie is likely to play smaller stakes and far more slowly and carefully and by accident stumble upon a winning run of luck. There is no “newbie strategy” as such but some of the practices performed by newbies are actually good practices.

Alternative (Most Likely) Explanation

There is of course the obvious explanation as to why some online casino portals list this hint/cheat. They are hoping you believe this and therefore you will need to register a new account or two at the casinos they recommend. You will believe you are bound to be a winner and will hammer through your deposit quickly, netting the casino portal owner a percentage for sending you to the casinos. With such a potentially believable story this is a sure fire way for the portal owner to make some easy bucks!