New slots have a higher RTP%

This is another piece of advice that we have seen over and over again on many slot advice websites:

Casinos want you to play their new games so they set a higher than normal RTP percentage for a slots first month or two.


We have investigated this ourselves and also spoken to representatives from Playtech and NetEnt. The conclusion is that this assumption is fundamentally untrue. The software developers do not make these sorts of adjustments when slots are new.

We ourselves usually steer clear of brand new slots as we are not prepared to be the live real money testers because as with all computer software there may be glitches and kinks that were not discovered in testing and while you might hope to find a glitch in your favour, it is equally likely if there are any glitches they might in fact work against you!

How many times have you played a brand new slot only for it to crash on you or freeze mid game? There have been times when brand new slots have been taken down for a week or two while bugs are being ironed out. It is the same with any software, not just slots. Normal office or business software, video games, websites and in the case of Microsoft, pretty much everything. How often are you doing windows updates at home?