Refuse all wins strategy

Many online slots offer you the chance to gamble any win you make. Usually you have a high-low playing card gamble or a pick the playing card colour or suit gamble. With these gambles you can double, treble or quadruple your win.

Refuse All Wins Strategy

The strategy then is that you keep on gambling your win until you lose, and you do this for every single win you make thereby forcing the slot to pay out a jackpot as the slot needs to pay out.

This strategy comes from the old school slot machines that you got in arcades, bookies or pubs. These slot machines did play in cycles and at a certain point the slot did need to pay out to balance it’s programmed return to player percentage.

With the new vegas style video slot machines  you get in arcades, bookies and pubs these days though, this rule of thumb is completely false and the same applies to all online slots.

Basically play with this strategy and you might as well get a box of matches and burn your wallet!

We have already explained how online slots work in a few articles so this strategy is an obvious one to discount, but feel free to go to some practice slots and try it out for yourselves in demo mode.