Scamming innocent players

We have come across plenty of blogs and websites proclaiming to have the best casino cheats on the planet. Or the best system to win at online slot machines. Or any number of variations on the theme. (There are also plenty of really weak casino portals with just a handful of pages promoting the nearest casino that comes to mind with no real thought or research gone into it). We are not going to slam any one in particular however much of a bad taste these leave in our mouths.

The theory:

Get a free website or webpage or blog. Something that costs you nothing.
Make up some codswallop gambling system which will never work but sounds feasible in your own head.
Sign up to any old affiliate system and claim your system will only work on these websites (don’t worry if they are rogue casinos either, you are hoping your blog visitors are going to lose).
Hope some poor sucker falls for it.

Examples of codswallop that we have seen numerous times:

Luck doesn’t affect winning.

My system only works at the casinos listed here.

My system doesn’t work in demo mode, only real money mode!

Let’s read that last one again, did we really read that correctly?

My system doesn’t work in demo mode, only real money mode!

Our conclusion

When you start gambling you know there are risks of losing. Please just man-up and accept your losses. Do not make up this kind of b-s. There will be one or two gullible players who will try this kind of crap and end up losing their money. There are far too many people trying to cash in in this manner already. It is hard enough gambling as it is, don’t make it any harder for people. By all means start your own website or blog but please just be honest with your readers or give them something useful they cannot find elsewhere. Do your research, work hard and be honest.


There are of course also a lot of very big businesses who run casino portals. There is a lot of money floating around with some casino chains actually buying up sites for their own promotion and there are big portals buying up smaller portals all the time. Slots Guide has even attracted the interest of a couple of massive players in this industry but we are not really interested in selling up as the whole point is to have at least one honest independent voice out there to help the players. Our advice is just to be careful who you believe, don’t just blindly follow anyone no matter how big and popular the website appears to be. Some of the biggest don’t give two hoots about you or me as players.