The Ultimate Slot Cheat

This is not actually a slot cheat. Because as you have already read in our previous 5 examples, cheats don’t really exist.

There are really only two ways you can make money playing the slots:

1) You get really lucky:
Quite simply you get lucky and win a progressive jackpot or you get lucky with feature wins paying 500 times your bet or more. Or you guess exacly the right moment to bet large.
2) You grind your way through thousands of spins whilst keeping tabs on the overall return to player and your personal return to player.
Slots and the random number generator are programmed to return a certain percentage of bets back to a player. Let’s say an average of 95%. This means that for every 100 you bet, theoretically you will get 95 back. In practice this doesn’t happen over the course of 100 spins. Or even 1000 spins. Slots go through periods where they pay you perhaps 50% and then in one fell swoop will drop you a huge win.
Our winning strategy is that we play up to thousands of spins in a session. We keep track of the overall progress of our rtp. We will only up our stake to a max of 4 or 5 times our base stake level. And we don’t up it too quickly. When we get a large win we will play through up to 20 spins at a higher level and then drop down to base stake again.
Our aim is simply to try and break even over the course of however many spins it takes without landing the super mega big win. At some point this will land and if we can stay as close to our starting balance as possible, when the super win drops even at our lowest stake level we will end up with a healthy profit.
It really is as simple as that. If you are a long term player then you have to be thinking about sessions playing thousands of spins, you can’t bank on short sessions of a couple of hundred spins.

Practice makes perfect