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Yes No Casino used to house two very popular online casino forums featuring message boards discussing online slots, online casinos, online bingo sites and so much more. There was also a very active online poker forum community sharing very interesting poker blogs (the best of which we have moved into the main site now) and a whole lot more besides.

Unfortunately the online slots forum became a full time job just trying to find ways to combat spammers. We closed the forum for a year and then once we were much further along with Yes No Casino we decided to give it another try. We installed numerous anti spam plug-ins and tightened our security measures to the extreme. Alas even this was not good enough and we were inundated with Russian and Ukrainian spammers. So we closed the forum again but kept it semi-live while we searched for even more security measures. These seemed to work.

So with a secure online slots forum ready to re-open we finally got completely sucker punched by hackers. At slots guide we piss quite a few people off… we upset casinos, casino chains, casino managers and affiliate managers because we try and bring you guys the truth and black list more casinos than we recommend. We also get on the nerves of massive casino portals (not mentioning any names) because we criticize them for actively promoting casinos who will never ever pay you or giving 9’s and 10’s out of 10 for truly woeful casinos even though even their own visitors are always criticizing them (Get the truth? Then avoid these horrible so called review sites). Finally we have also disappointment a few people who wanted to buy Yes No Casino from us.

So take your pick of who is trying to destroy Yes No Casino. It could be none of the above though, it could just be hobby spammers and hackers. Or it could be any one of a million online casino portals who try to bring everyone else down so they can be seen in google. Either way it has provided us with days and days of extra work trying to fix our website… which on top of full time jobs really is not what we needed. It has also led us to take the sad decision of removing our forum for good. We are bitterly upset about having to do this but that apparently is the sad state of the world in which we live.

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Slots Guide Forum v1.0 has unfortunately closed for business:

Thanks to the ridiculous number of spammers we were receiving on the forum and the fact it was costing us hours every day just to try and police the forum, we decided to completely remove it altogether. The effect of all the spammers, bots and other malicious actions was threatening to destroy our website completely.

Instead we have added a polls section to this website and also installed a safe comments tool to every page so that you can leave your feedback in a much cleaner and friendlier manner.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Update: We are currently working hard on v3.0 of our forum which should be going live very soon. This is taking time as we need to find the right software and setup to keep it safe, secure and spam free.

Our slot reviews & casino reviews have been moved to the forum!

You may be wondering why we have decided to move our online slot reviews and our online casino reviews to our forum rather than keeping them on the main part of this website.

Well we decided that the website would fit much better this way. The main part of the website is where we will keep the online casino bonus pages and all the information, explanations, cheats guides, resources and strategies. This will keep the navigation of the main site nice and tidy.

We also want to give you the opportunity to voice your own opinions. Everyone has different experiences and preferences with casinos and slots. Our favourite slots may not be the same as your favourites. You may have had a bad experience at one of our favourite casinos and we want to know about that sort of thing.

Our aim is to give you the very best information that we can provide in order to help you find your way in the world of online casinos. The floor is open to you to help us to help you!

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UPDATE: We have successfully implemented comments onto the website and therefore the forum is now no longer needed.