What Is A Casino Referral Bonus And How Do You Claim One?

Not everybody knows what a casino referral bonus is, what they worth or where to find the best ones. Stay with us while we go over this type of casino bonus that may actually give a good boost to your bankroll.

In the age of the Internet, referral rewards have become a fairly common thing. Just about any kind of site that requires a membership — and even some that don’t — will give you a little something extra if you invite your friends to check them out.

Most online casinos follow right along with this trend. You might hear it called a referral bonus, a refer-a-friend program, or even something like bring-a-buddy rewards. In the end, they’re all the same basic thing. The casino is willing to offer you some sort of extra bonus if you’ll invite your friends to come check them out and play their games.

Best Casino Referral Bonuses

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How Does A Casino Referral Bonus Work?

Casino Referral Bonus

A casino referral bonus usually takes on one of two forms. The casino will either give you a fixed bonus amount for the referral, or a bonus based on a percentage of your friend’s first deposit. Some casinos may offer different bonus types, but most will use one of these two options.

Claiming a referral bonus isn’t as simple as just telling your friend the name of the casino and asking them to check it out. The casino needs a way to verify that you are the one who actually referred the new player to the site. This is done by using special links.

With a casino referral program, each user will have a special link that is unique to their account which they can use to refer other people. The link will generally end with your username, or perhaps a number, or even some other code. The important thing is that the link is unique to you, and anyone who comes to the casino through that link will be tracked as referred by you.

When you want to refer someone and collect a bonus for doing so, you’ll need to send them your special link and ask them to click on it, register and make a deposit for real money. If they go directly to the casino site without going through your link, or don’t make a deposit, you won’t get credit for the referral.

Check The Casino Referral Bonus Terms

If you plan to refer one or more friends to your favourite casino, it’s important to look over the terms of the referral bonus before either of you does anything. If either of you does something that doesn’t meet with the stipulations of the bonus, you won’t get it and you won’t be able to go back and try again.

For example, some casinos will give you a fixed amount for each referral. Others may give you a percentage based on how much your referred friend deposits. And still others might require that your friend make a deposit and wager a certain amount before you get a bonus.

Once the bonus is technically given to you, there may be even more stipulations that you must meet before you can claim it. In some cases it could be a cashable bonus that you can immediately use or withdraw, in other cases you may have to meet certain wagering requirements before you can withdraw the bonus.

Make sure you know what qualifies you to receive a bonus and everything that you’ll need to do to actually redeem that bonus. Referring friends to claim a casino referral bonus can be a great way to get some extra funds to play with, but some casinos make it easier than others. Read the requirements carefully and you’ll avoid frustration and disappointment.

Referral Bonus Terms and Conditions