Always read the Terms and Conditions!

When signing up to an online slots casino…

Always read the Terms and Conditions!!!

We are going to mention this a few times in various articles. but we thought it so important it gets its own separate mention.

Always read the Terms and Conditions!!!

It is so crucial you know the rules, what you are and are not allowed to do. Some casino’s will take any opportunity at all to not pay you out your winnings so make absolutely sure the casino you choose doesn’t have too many ridiculous rules and conditions and make sure you know how to stay within the limits or not play any games you are not allowed to when using a bonus. And of course do not try anything fraudulent!

A couple of classic examples of how a casino can screw you over (even the most trusted casinos have their rules you need to follow):

  1. Betting higher than the maximum allowed under the bonus terms, for example betting 7.75 on a spin when the max is 7.50 can see your winnings disqualified.
  2. Taking advantage of a welcome bonus at more than one casino in a particular chain, if that chain does not allow you to take the welcome bonus at more than one of their brands. In these cases they expect you to also know which their other brands are!

There are plenty of other small print clauses you can get stuck in depending on the casino so it cannot be stressed enough that you really do need to read the terms!!!