Before you make a deposit

Before you deposit to an online gambling site

Once you have joined a respectable and trusted online slots casino it is common practice to make a deposit straight away and get on with the gambling.

Verify your details before depositing

We recommend though that you take one more step first. Get in touch with the support team at the casino and get your account verified before you make a deposit. This will give you some peace of mind that their customer service is reliable, but more importantly it will allow you to make a quick withdrawal of your monies should you wish to do so.

There is nothing worse than having a big win, trying to withdraw only to be held up by the red tape or by the security staff being awkward about verifying your documents.

Passport and utility bill

Make sure you have two good quality copies of your passport and two copies of a recent utility bill. One should be photocopied and the other should be made via a digital camera. All edges should be clear and visible on all these documents. The reason we suggest 2 copies is that some casinos prefer photos and some prefer photocopies.

If the casino doesn’t verify your account promptly or asks for anything more than we have listed above, ask them to close your account and move on to another casino. If they are being difficult at this stage, think how difficult they will be when you try to withdraw some winnings!

Set your casino limits before you start

A lot of (edit: all of them these days) the best casinos allow you to set maximum daily/weekly/monthly deposit limits. Some also allow you to set limits on the amount of time you spend at the online casino.

We highly recommend taking advantage of these as your depositing can easily and quickly get out of hand without you realising it.

Casinos like MrGreen, Gala and many others all have this option to help you manage your finances.

In fact most respectable casinos should have the functionality to manage your time limits, deposit limits and even self exclusion options. So make use of them!

Online Casino Tip – Reversing Withdrawal Option

You might find that you win at a casino and withdraw a portion if not all your winnings only to find yourself reversing your withdrawal later and blowing it all. You might be frustrated by the length of time some casinos make you wait before the reversal option is turned off and your withdrawal is ready for processing (this can vary from anything like 4 hours to a couple of days depending on the casino).

You might be unaware of this but you are free to contact customer support and ask them to turn off the reversal option altogether. Having this option turned off is of real benefit so go ahead and ask your favourite casino if they can do this for you. You can thank me later (you don’t have to thank us really, but you are always welcome to leave a comment if any of our advice has helped you!).

Reversing withdrawals

I am sure we have all been there:

  • we register to a casino
  • make a deposit
  • win a huge chunk of money
  • we request a withdrawal or part or all our winnings
  • we get twitchy fingers, reverse withdrawal and blow the lot
  • we curse ourselves for being so stupid

There’s a couple of things you can do to help prevent you from falling into this trap over and over again:

  1. The first thing you can do is get in touch with the casino support staff and ask them if they can turn off the reverse withdrawal function altogether. Now a lot depends on the back-end software that the casinos use, some casinos can accommodate this facility but most cannot. Still you will not lose anything by asking so well worth taking 5 minutes to chat.
  2. If the above tip cannot be implemented then it is time for Plan B: Taking things into your own hands! Every casino should offer this in some shape or other. So if you win big and request a withdrawal then if you know you are going to be tempted simply setup some limits for yourself. You can put in a loss limit or a time limit for example and changing these limits back usually takes either 24 hours to take effect or 7 days (depending on the casino). So setting these options up should see you ride out the reversal period.

Setting yourself E wallet limits

One thing I think many people forget is that aside from setting limits at the casinos, you can also get in touch with support at Skrill and Neteller and ask them to place limits on your outgoing transactions to casinos.

Certainly worth thinking about if you feel you may be spending too much on a regular basis. Though they are notoriously unhelpful at times just keep nagging them… depending on your level of patience of course (their customer support really is rather $#it).